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Where are my messages?


I received an email saying I have new messages, but I cannot find them. Where are they?

When you receive messages from other members, you will need to log into the member section to read them. From there you can also reply to messages.
You will receive a notification via email if you do not read your message within two hours after receipt. If you are already logged in and read the message within the two hours, you will not receive an email notification.
If you have logged in, but cannot find your message in the message page, it could be for one of the following reasons:
  • The member who sent you the message has been marked as scammer or spammer by our administrator. This will have been done after the system sent you the email notification. When a member is marked as scammer, you will not see their messages.
  • The member who sent you the message has been deleted. This has been done either by the member themselves or by the administrator.
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