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What are "Credits"?


I keep seeing the word "Credits" on the site. What are they and what are they used for?

Credits are web-only values you use to initiate contact with other members. You spend Credits when you contact a new member for the first time. You get credits either by earning them (see "Earn Credits" on your Dashboard page), or you can buy all the Credits you want.
Credits are something we use across the dating site to reduce spamming. If one user could send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of members, many members would find their Inbox filled with junk. These would mostly be messages with little value for you, and potentially from people with goals other than dating. That is why we use Credits ? to make it safer and more comfortable for all our serious members to use the dating service and prevent spamming. You may think that using this Credit system is limiting to your dating possibilities, but when an issue is affecting some members, we must legislate the best solution for everyone. There is no other good way to prevent action from spammers.
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