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a woman NicoleW12
a woman NicoleW12
a woman NicoleW12
a woman NicoleW12
I am NicoleW12, 58 years old.
I am a man looking for a man.
I live in Toronto, Canada.
About me: [view original text]
“ Well, it´s not easy to talk more about me, you know me better, so you can tell me more about me, but I know I am a man with a great sense of humor, I treat people the same way I like to be treated , I like to have fun and enjoy all the good times with my love, I like to travel, walk on the beach, cemina, listen to music, like nature and animal. I am a sincere person, loving, loving and sincere, I like my woman to be respectful, loyal, kind and trustworthy because I believe that trust is what you can build for 100 years and lose in just a minute, I love to love and hate to hate, I am looking for someone to love and be loved ... ”
About my preferred dating partner: [view original text]
“ A heart as bright as the ray of sunshine radiates illuminating the corners of its soul, holding it, taking its breath away. If I allow you to be in my heart, through all this it is up and down you will be there holding the end, understanding your emotions not allowing your love to bend. If I will allow you, in my heart, to feel the warmth of your hand, will you embrace with your love, your passions, your plans? ”
I prefer that you are50 - 99 years old.
I am here to look for a possible partner for marriage.
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