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My adventures through Europe – Last Part

We should take more chances. For any situation, what is worth is to try the “yes”, because the “no” you already have, don’t you agree? How many times do we get carried away by the fear the “no” (that is something that we already have), instead of risking the “yes”. What do we really want? And even more, how many times does someone a little more audacious go there and do it, showing that your insecurity was nothing but nonsense? Then you keep questioning and torturing yourself: What if I had risked it? What if I showed my way around this? IF, IF and more IF. This only serves to cause frustration, because what makes you regret is already in the past, there is no turning back. So, as difficult as it may seem, confront your fears and believe more in your ability to handle what you want. You also bet on the power of self-confidence, which in itself is halfway the task at hand.
While posting about my adventures here on the site, I received several messages praising me for my "courage" to take my chances. Guys, I believe that all of us, when we register here on the site, allow ourselves to take a little risk, to try something new. I have suffered many disappointments in life and wanted to start over. I think we should give ourselves a chance.
Such dilemmas... I think they form our lives. It may even be wrong, but one way or another, my impulsiveness has allowed me to experience things that perhaps the most restrained me would end up missing. Of course, acting like a crazy person can bring bad results, but it's up to us to see our limits and try to respect them. And if we go beyond them, it is up to us to assume and deal with the consequences in the best possible way. You’re hardly going to see me out there mumbling that I’m sorry I didn’t do something. It is more common that I mourn for not having lasted longer or for not having done it before. I believe that some desires come and go. They MUST go so the damage is not even greater. But some of them ask for a little more courage and one less "oh, what will they think if I do this or that?". No one is your owner other than you. So, as long as it's not something harmful, for me, risking comes always before giving up!
I want to continue talking about it, but first I'll tell you about the last part of my trip (from the 13th to the 20th of January): The Beer Route: Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin!

The Beer Route: Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin! (January 13-20)

Beer lovers (like me) make a party (literally) on this trip through Europe. And if the idea is to taste some of the best drinks while you know incredible places, a good beer lover can’t miss these four cities.
I will be a little more succinct than in my last post, otherwise I will not be able to tell everything.
Munich practically dispenses comments. Because of Oktoberfest, the Bavarian capital boasts the oldest operating brewery in the world (the Weihenstephan, 1040) and some of the best "biergartens" (beer gardens) that exiss: the Chinese Tower in the Englischer Garten (the city's central garden) is the largest in all of Germany.
Belgium is another brewing paradise, especially Antwerp, Bruges and, of course, the capital Brussels. There you can taste the best Belgian beers in some of the coolest and most creative bars in Europe. Choosing from hundreds of brands is a difficult but extremely enjoyable task.
Although less "respected" by the experts than the neighbors Germany and Belgium, Holland is proud of much of its famous and popular brands of beer. Starting with one such Heineken - whose visit to its old factory, in the capital Amsterdam, is a must-see.
Already in the Irish capital, it has for no one: Guinness is the queen. While several other fine craft beers dine on the menus of Dublin's lively and traditional pubs, it is the black beer that has become synonymous with the country, with a public visit to its brewery, founded in 1759.
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Eastern Europe: Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow (January 21-28)

One of the most popular routes for anyone exploring Eastern Europe is to take the Prague-Vienna-Budapest circuit by train, thanks to their relatively short distances and the beautiful scenery that one sees along the way.
The three cities have an intense cultural program, so book several days for each one if the idea is to enjoy the largest number of events - concerts of classical music, operas, ballets, plays (many in English, which makes life easier for the foreign tourist) etc. Tickets are usually much more cheaper than other major cities (such as London and Paris), so book early or try to buy as soon as you arrive in the city.
Speaking of cost, all three are extremely inviting to visitors. You can eat and drink very well there and pay little. Public transportation also works well, but the main "rule" there is to walk, walk and walk. In every corner, a different discovery, a rich history, unique architecture. And at night, the capitals of the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary light up to greet their visitors and get even more beautiful.
And why not add Poland to this mix of travel? Krakow, on the southern tip, is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the country, and whose historic center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many also take the trip to visit the former Auschwitz concentration camps in Oswiecim, about an hour away.

Scandinavia: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo (February 1-8)

These three Scandinavian capitals share a striking feature: they blend the ancient history-filled Europe, and modernity. All very clean, organized, polite and, although more expensive than other regions, very attractive to its visitors.
With its flat, tree-lined streets, Copenhagen is a paradise for cyclists - not by chance, more than half the population uses bicycles or segways to get around daily. On clear days, the contrast of the blue sky with the vibrant colors of the buildings seems to form a kind of postcard.
Stockholm is one of those travel destinations to walk around and discover without haste. There is not a list of famous tourist spots to visit and scratch, but a harmonious set of classic beauties, surrounded by bridges and clean canals and a medieval architecture with avant-garde touches.
And Oslo is another show of elegance and civilization. Okay, you pay a lot for the quality of life there - from the great restaurants to the impeccable (almost 50) museums - but its bold architecture, its beautiful parks and the receptivity of its inhabitants compensate for the "investment".

Baltic States: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius (February 9-16)

Here's a great option to get away from the traditional European itineraries: Including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on the trip is ideal for those seeking more quiet (less crowds of tourists, queues, waiting etc.) and who have a tighter budget, since the exchange there favors all.
Tallinn's historic center is a true open-air museum with its superbly preserved medieval buildings, and it also sums up the spirit of the city: beautiful, compact and very cozy. Extra tip: Helsinki, capital of Finland, is only 2 hours away by ship, so worth considering a round-trip if the schedule allows.
Those who love architecture will enjoy Riga. The capital is famous for its art nouveau buildings, with hundreds of buildings scattered around the streets - considered to be the largest collection in the world. The monuments share space with the beautiful green parks, where locals and visitors relax and enjoy nature.
Vilnius has a contagious family atmosphere, with fairs and street events that bring together the local population. The tourist attractions, although not exaggeratedly famous, stand out for their beauty and authenticity - such as the National Theater, Bell Tower and the gothic cathedral of the central square.
And that was the end of my backpack through Europe. I know it was an ambitious trip and I spent little time in each place, but I met many new and nice people (with the help of the relationship site) and I was able to take the risk of trying new things.
And coming back to this subject, after my adventure, I have some tips for all of you who also want to take a little more risk in life:

Practice Positive Thinking

I believe in this whole universe and energy thing, just as I have super strong beliefs in the fact that our mind is something with extreme power. Always think positive! There is something that, in my humble opinion, that has a lot of power. Just as with negative thinking. For example, when you want a lot of jobs and leave the house thinking that the other candidates are better prepared, it blocks the chances of getting the job. If you put it in your head that you have great potential and that you will give your best to show it, you may not be selected, but the good energy you will transmit makes you interesting.

Complain less and act more

I don’t know if that's your case. I just know it's more "normal" than you think to complain and think that everything is more difficult for us than for others. And we do a lot of this, letting go of the fight to try to solve what is not going well. The energy you expend is absurdly worrying and regretting than acting and proving to yourself and to anyone that nothing is impossible. Think with me: everything that comes easy is not fun, right? So when you hit that urge to question God and the world of reason for things to be as they are, misuse it and use that force to find a way out of the problem. When we open our minds, the answer usually comes much easier.

Be grateful for each achievement

Whatever your God, regardless of your beliefs, for me faith is something unshakable and transformative. You can pray if you prefer, or simply meditate, as long as you try to meet with yourself. By reassuring your heart, you begin to see life in another way and you can see how many things you have already achieved and how you have grown over time. This is where you learn to be grateful for what life gives you and find ways to change what didn’t go well, so that next time it goes as planned. Think that if you are doing your best and thanking your heart for what you have already achieved, the tendency to attract more joys and good opportunities only increases. After all, the results only appear when we struggle to reach them, so "questioning yourself" ends up in the background.

Being happy has to be in the present, not in the future

We have the habit of thinking that we will only be happy when we achieve what we wish, when we can find everything we are looking for. But we must not impose conditions for happiness, nor can we continue to accept that it only comes to the end of some battle. Happiness must be on the whole path, it is a weapon and not the trophy! If we can be happy now, even with a half-crooked life, there is no reason why we should be late and only come when everything is in place, why, when everything is in its place, what will it be worth? Happiness brings color to our life, so we must let it bloom in the darkest of times. It is in the midst of the monotonous, to the lifeless, that it will make a difference!

Happiness is available

Happiness is, all the time, wanting to show off! But we have the strange habit to push it away. We choose to make it an illusion, we stop believing and we doubt whoever says we know it. Often we don’t feel deserving or worthy. We find that happiness lasts little and that it’s only present at some moments in life, which are not worth the effort. We've become boring, weird people. It is time to accept this gift given to us! It is time to let happiness appear on the lips, in the eyes and have the face and the courage to assume it. It can take a lot (or never come)of  the time when your life will be in perfect balance. So don’t wait. With a straight or crooked life, with a whole heart or broken, choose to live the happiness now!