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You don´t have to become a member to get a member´s contact info. If you see someone you like, add them to your Cart, then view the Cart and check out. Once your credit card is approved and there is no issue with the order, all of the contact information for your chosen contacts will be available at your order page. You need to log in to view your order, so make sure to remember the email and password you give when making your order.

There are several benefits to this type of online dating

  • No hassle with membership or a complicated signup process.
  • Privacy - there is no need to enter your private information at a public website. If you are kind of shy or don´t want to disclose your looks or identity to the whole world, buying contact lists may be a good solution for your dating needs.
  • You decide who to contact. When you buy the contact information, you do not need a membership. Without membership, no other members will contact you through this service.
  • You can choose members who use your favourite apps and communication methods.
  • You can get the contact info for your chosen dates right now! No need to wait for membership approval, no need to wait for a reply from the members you contact. You can start dating in minutes using your favorite app, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  • You can be serious and goal-oriented in your search for a partner. When you buy a larger list of contact information, you can sit down and analyze what you have. Have a look at their Facebook page and possibly try to become their friend there. Read what they tweet and so on. Try to get to know them better before you decide who to contact first. This is an ideal approach for the serious dater.

Benefits of membership - add value to the purchased contact list:

More information is available inside the members section. Besides physical features like height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color and so on, members also provide information about their interests, education, job, if they smoke, drink, exercise and much more. None of this is available in the purchased contact list. If you sign up for membership and are approved, you can find your favorite members and read more about them on their profiles.