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a woman Thiago
a woman Thiago
a woman Thiago
I am Thiago, 26 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in São Paulo, Brazil.
About me: [view original text]
Looking for happiness
“ Just a hard-working man. I am an extrovert. I like to play ball. Watch movies ... Come out and enjoy. I am very objective ... Go or cinema .. Shop .. Parks ... Go to ballads .. I like to listen to music .. ”
About my preferred dating partner: [view original text]
“ Working woman who wanted to build future .. ”
I prefer that you are18 - 35 years old.
My favorite ways of spending time are meeting friends, listening to music, using the internet, watching TV and films, spending time at home and spending time with family.
I am single.
My education level is secondary school.
My profession is culture.
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