a woman Guedes
I am Guedes, 20 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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I am that person
“ Who I am? I am a super cool guy, very nice and super curious. I love reading, traveling, meeting people and places. ”
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“ I want someone who is beside me, supporting me, but who knows how to scold me for some hesitation. I want a woman who does not go out the door in the small fight or the slightest sign of incompatibility. Let them know which fights are worth going forward and which ones they can set aside. Let the scrolls roll by my side, let me have a drunk with me, who takes care of my hangover just as I take care of hers. I need a woman who learns from her mistakes as I learn from mine. But even so, let her not be afraid to make a mistake again. I want a woman who can smile with me and me and me. Have such a beautiful and frequent smile that I can be proud to have you around. ”
I prefer that you are21 - 23 years old.
I am here to try online dating, start a friendship and start a relationship.