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You need to reinvent yourself

Whoever wants to find themselves, doesn’t hide, seeks. Whoever wants to win, doesn’t stay under the bed, fight. Whoever wants to win dreams, doesn’t write them down in a book and keeps them inside the drawer, but runs after them. Always try to open a new page about yourself.
Today I came to talk about hiding places. Of those that we don’t tell anyone, but we keep with a padlock from everyone. The one that you think is the only place in the world where it is possible to hover your mind, soul and heart. A place that everyone imagine it exists, but no one has any idea what it's like. No one comments, no one asks, but everyone knows it exists. Somewhere, I'm sure. But I don’t want to give you the strength to continue in the hiding place of your life. Today I want to tell you to leave this place as soon as possible. That's right, go out.
It is necessary to take the first steps out of your cozy cave, from your refuge.
I thought about talking about it because I realized that I've changed a lot since I started taking risks in the online dating world. My disappointments with past relationships had left me stagnant. Now, after gathering the courage to risk meeting someone new online, I discovered a side of myself that I didn’t even know existed. It made me think that maybe there are several people out there who need that same incentive to change.
Here are some signs that you need to consider some changes right away and tips on how to implement them in your life.


Can’t you get out of your rut and don’t you remember the last time you left work and did something you really wanted to do? Or has it been a long time since you've been doing things exactly the same way and there's nothing new in your day to day routine? Change this.
Plan a different trip
To escape the familiar paths, nothing better than facing a different road, doesn’t it? And planning a trip can be the kick-off of our top tips to get you out of your rut!
Learn new things and set challenges
You can, for example, start cultivating a green space at home. Plants, flowers or even a vegetable garden (for apartment dwellers, there is the vertical garden) are great as new projects. But if dealing with dirt is definitely not your business, how about taking your creativity to other areas of knowledge?
  • Learn a new language;
  • Take music lessons to play an instrument;
  • Learn how to cook;
  • Learn how to do cocktails.
The ideal is to think of challenges which has deadlines on a certain date. An as you’re learning these new things, gather friends and create new things like themed nights of Japanese or Mexican food, hamburgers, snacks... You're the boss! There, you can cook, play, make drinks or even show your new skills in the new language! The sky is the limit!
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Work and career

It often takes time and experience to find out what you like and where your skills fit. If your work life is stagnant and that is ending your self-esteem, it is necessary to plan and take the first step to change careers. There are some reasons to do that:
The resignation
There is no doubt that getting fired can be a stressful and disappointing situation. First, we feel incapable and can be deeply hurt if we don’t get over it soon enough. But for some people, getting fired can serve as a push for a fresh start. Since you have to start over, there is nothing better than to rethink if you want to continue doing what you were used to.
Job satisfaction
Being bored, frustrated or generally dissatisfied with your current job is a perfectly legitimate reason to put any professional to think about career change, regardless of age. If you have the feeling that you would be much happier in a different career, or are looking for a new challenge, this can serve as a signal that it is the time for you to consider alternative careers.
The increase in income
Salary is one of the biggest fears associated with career change after the age of 30. However, depending on your career, moving on to other opportunities can actually mean a salary increase.
Often going through recycling makes you get a faster job in another area, with real growth possibilities, which means a potential wage increase. But that doesn’t mean you should start from below. Whatever your current situation is, you will certainly have invaluable skills that you can take advantage of in your future position.
Where to start
A good method to start thinking about a career change is to list what you like and what you don’t like in your current career. This will help to clarify the points of why you should consider a change, and when you want to come up with that decision. To avoid oscillations and end up in a career that may not be good for you, it is important to devote time and effort to research and don’t hesitate to ask for help.
Whatever option you choose to follow, always consider everything before making the big decision and don’t be afraid to try new things.


We are experiencing a time when love relationships are undergoing major re-engineering, at least in their concept. The fact is that the current paradigm is not working. Many people are dissatisfied in love. Many people don’t know what to do to make a couple relationships work, because a good deal of the traditional thread that organized the experiences and feelings in this context has changed.
But where do we point to this change we need to have a good love relationship? As with many other things, when traditional norms decay, something new takes its place. With regard to relationships, the emerging new trend are the conscious relationships.
Creating a new paradigm in love: the conscious relationship
The vast majority of recent love relationships start out as an adventure, as a way to have fun. During the process itself, both people get to know each other and move forward in their relationship. It's true that having relationships just for fun is something that seems to be getting trendy, but in the end, sooner or later, most people look for something else. Being alone is not enough.
Many people seek to maintain a loving relationship to meet their own personal needs. This may take a while, but over time, the relationship fails, and as a result, dissatisfaction will appear.
But when people unite with the intention of getting old together, the relationship advances to something greater than personal satisfaction. Thus, it becomes a journey of evolution. A fascinating route in which the two people have the opportunity to grow individually, far from the traditional ideal of "giving up to adapt”.
How to evolve into a conscious relationship
Despite all the problems that may arise, the good news is that in a loving relationship it is possible to evolve from a relationship based on the traditional ideal to a conscious relationship. In fact, a conscious relationship doesn’t come out of nowhere. You have to meet first, even to have a wide variety of experiences. You can’t fall in love with someone you don’t know. You can only fall in love with the idea of ​​love to fit the other person.
Another very different thing is to live the present moment and to be aware of what is happening. This is a different and necessary vision, not only to be able to live an enriching love relationship, but also to make the most of each moment and grow as a person.

Changes in the looks

What woman doesn’t like being nice to herself and being noticed? A new hairstyle, cut or hair color or even give that renewed in the closet are great contributors to increasing self-esteem. A new look generates this magic effect: rejuvenate + praise + feel beautiful = self-esteem on the rise.
Wearing fashionable hair that fits your lifestyle will make you be noticed and even commented on by friends, relatives or a partner. Receiving praise helps raising the self-esteem of anyone!
If you still don’t have the courage to go out parading colorful strands, invest in semi-permanent dyes. They are fun and look good on any type or haircut, don’t you think? And it disappears quickly! In addition, they are less aggressive than conventional dyes and spoil the hair less, since most don’t contain ammonia. Just take care of the health of your hair.
Instead of weighing the make up in the eye, prefer to dedicate some time in your eyebrow. It completely changes the expression and, if well done, highlights the look and leaves a healthy appearance. Avoid the pencil or black shadow. The layout becomes artificial and, if you make a mistake, it is difficult to repair.
Change your black eye mascara everyday for something more fun! If you are a beginner, start with the brown, which will give the subtle and different touch without leaving the tone. Now, if you want to play with colors, go ahead!
As subtle as it may seem, changing the texture of your hair will leave you with a whole new face. Use hair mousses to model and texturize your hair.
We do so much in the automatic that even the makeup comes to this list and the time to use those fifteen minutes to give an up to your look, we end up doing almost always the same thing. Want to leave the house without your everyday face? Change the way you makeup yourself: if you're crazy for eyeliner, use less for a few days, wearing a good mascara. As the eyeliner decreases the shape of the eyes, the day you stop using and change the mascara, they will appear larger. The same goes for lipstick. If you only use nude colors, try red or pink, or even that purple that looks beautiful only in friends. I guarantee that a powerful lipstick can give much more confidence to your day.

Dare, surprise yourself and others!

How about dare and surprise the people around you with a new hairstyle, cut or hair color, or even a different style of dress up that you always liked but never had the guts to do or use? It's now or never! Every woman always dreams of radically changing her looks, if only for one day. Now is the right time to do this.

Accept the way you are

You can - and should - change your hair if it is bothering you. The beauty treatments are there for that. It is also possible to improve your way of wanting that everything be done your way. But it's nice to know that not everything can be modified and some things can even change, but they take time. Focus on what's good for you and forget the rest.

Forget the comparisons

It's okay to admire the qualities of other people and want to copy good things, but not always the path chosen by a person that we like is what will make us happy. So the most important thing is to know what you want. Have the courage to decide your own destiny, basing yourself on your values ​​and your wants. How about looking more into yourself?
You need to understand that the person who wants something, tries. So try, try, try… try even more until one day you can be proud to say you didn’t give up. The person who went there and entered a path she didn’t even know, who didn’t know how far she was going to go, with a backpack of dreams on her back, and even so decided to continue was you. So don’t stop, don’t look back, don’t be discouraged and go to the end. I hear many people complain about life, but they do nothing.
But you won’t do that, right? Do you want something? Be a warrior and go. Be strong and go. Toughen up and be brave. Get out of your hiding place of life, and instead of continuing in the same mud, look for dances in the rain. Open the window of your soul, open the door of your heart and resplendent the mind, recharge the dreams and forget your pains. Don’t hide, don’t try to run away. There is no escape for those who want better days. There is perseverance, faith, dreams and many, many attempts. All new calendar dates are marked by new possibilities. Live each one of them. One hour you’ll reach the day and it will be a cause for celebration and not hiding.