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August 09, 2016


How My Heartbreak Made Me a Better Person

Sure we have heard all the songs, how am I supposed to live without you, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, etc. But it is an entirely different thing to live it. It does not matter if you had your heart broken over someone you met online, or someone you knew for a long time before you discovered you liked each other. I went through heartbreak myself, and I wish somebody had told me some of the stuff that I learned the hard way. Here is a sweet little reminder that everything passes, and nothing ever is a waste of time. You live and learn.   

Good Comes From Bad

When we accept feelings of grief, we are actually opening ourselves to more love. Most of the time dealing with heartbreak helps us transition. The staggering impact is used in two ways. 1) Whiling it away being bitter inside and hating yourself, and 2) channeling that power and accomplishing goals. Trust me, heartbreak can either make you or break you – it’s up to you to decide which. There will be a time when an opportunity knocks on your door and you will wish you were open to love then.  
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What Goes Around Comes Around

This is one feeling that proves to us how much we love others. This easily triumphs all other negative feelings. There may be a moment for you where you think that you were a fool to be so in love and that there is no such thing. Well, you are wrong. Look at YOU! You are the prime example of how much one can love another. And if you can feel it, then there is someone else out there who can too.

You Appreciate Your Loved Ones More

When people say they feel like they are being taken for granted; they are! You don’t really feel that closeness towards everyone special in your life till you experience a loss. Accept the hurt and let it grow you and strengthen the bonds you have. Plus these are all the people who help you get through it.   

You Realize How Strong You Are

The prospect of heartbreak is so daunting that none of us think we will be able to make it through. But when we do and see the light at the end of the tunnel, we not only feel stronger, wiser but also have this quality of not being swayed by things that look scary from afar. One thing that worked well for me was that I don’t let my anxieties have a field day when faced with challenges. If I could take that, I can so take this on!
I would love it if you could share some of your stories here. This is purely from my perspective so I want to know what you thought of this, and if there are any other real life examples out there.