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a woman Ben
I am Ben, 41 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in Montreal, Canada.
About me:
Christian Grey looking for his Anastasia
“ A few things about me. I am a confident, optimistic, motivated, perceptive, realistic and not so easily rattled individual. Rarely at a loss for words but I always listen first. My most valuable asset is my sense of humor. I love waking up every morning, knowing that everything is in my hands, that I dont have to answer to anyone but my own gut instincts, my own judgment, my own vision of how I think I can create something lasting, meaningful and of service in a thousand ways - ways that no one else in the world can... ” [Translate to English ]
About my preferred dating partner:
“ This is why you are cool - you are happy, compassionate and reflexively kind. You cant help being provocative and curious and original. You are open to the world, extremely bright, funny, well-read and joy swims in the air around you. You cant help that either. Youre a doer more than a watcher. A creator more than a consumer. Fit. Slim, please. And you are strong, both in obvious, and secret, ways. My perfect first date is a non-date. Its two people being together and getting to know each other. How about we stay in the moment and explore? If we get past that then the romance will flow easily if its there to be shared. In other words, I dont date. I connect and explore the possibility of what can happen. ” [Translate to English ]
I prefer that you are35 - 47 years old.
I am here to try online dating and start a relationship.
My favorite ways of spending time are reading books, meeting friends, listening to music, using the internet, watching TV and films, travelling and visiting new places and spending time with family.
My appearance is: Caucasian (white), my skin color is white to light brown. My body type is athletic, my height is 175 cm and my weight is between 75 and 79 kg. My hair is very short and dark brown. My eyes are light brown.
I am single.
My thoughts about relocating or moving are that I am willing to relocate within my country.
I haveno children.

I have never smoked.
My zodiac is Aquarius.
My religion is christian catholic.
My education level is secondary school.
I understand and speak English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
Available contact information Email Skype
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