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a woman Azoreslover
a woman Azoreslover
a woman Azoreslover
a woman Azoreslover
I am Azoreslover, 44 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in Berlin + portuguese acores, Germany.
About me:
Where is my down-to-earth woman ?
“ I m optimistic & humorous, self-employed and now on the way slowly to change my life / settle down for own little happy family . . step by step. . I live in berlin and -as much as possible-)) in my portuguese tropical island house at the beach because i am a great nature + animal fan 🐾🐾 🌴🐢🐥🐦🦁🐈 If you have similar interests lets make a chat))) Onde está minha mulher pé-no-chão ⚘? Eu sou otimista e bem-humorado, autônomo e agora a caminho lentamente para mudar minha vida / sossego para a própria pequena família feliz. . passo a passo. . Eu moro em Berlim e, tanto quanto possível,)) na minha casa na ilha tropical portuguesa na praia, porque eu sou uma grande natureza + fã animal 🐾🐾 🌴🐢🐥🐦🦁🐈 Se você tem interesses semelhantes vamos fazer um chat))) ”
About my preferred dating partner:
“ I m looking for a natural woman, because the main thing in life is to have a good hearth and soul by the side 💑 If that applies to you and you ve a optimistic and happy being too then it would be nice to hear from you 🌈🌞😙 Estou à procura de uma mulher natural, porque a principal coisa da vida é ter um bom lar e alma ao lado 💑 Se isso se aplica a você e você tem um ser otimista e feliz também, então seria bom ouvir de você 🌈🌞😙 ...I speak fluent english, german and a bit portuguese and russian too... ”
I prefer that you are25 - 39 years old.
I am here to try online dating, start a relationship and look for a possible partner for marriage.
My favorite ways of spending time are listening to music, spending time outdoors, travelling and visiting new places, going to cafes and restaurants, going to the beach and spending time with family.
My appearance is: Caucasian (white), my skin color is white to light brown. My body type is average, my height is 190 cm and my weight is between 95 and 99 kg. My hair is short and light brown. My eyes are blue.
I am single.
My thoughts about relocating or moving are that I am willing to relocate to another country.
I exercise often.
I haveno children.

I wish to have one more child.

I have tried smoking.

I drink rarely.
My zodiac is Libra.
My religion is christian catholic.
My education level is engineer or equivalent.
I understand and speak English, German, Portuguese, Russian.
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