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September 08, 2016

Online Dating

Why You Can Look For Love On The Net

I feel kind of uncertain about this title. It should have been more like "Why Anyone Can Find Love in The Unlikeliest of Places". Because that is what online dating sites are treated as by so many skeptics; an unlikely place for you to find love. Sure that is a big word, and this blog is not drafted out some fantasy idea of a knight in shining armor tapping the keys of his laptop; there are a great number of success stories about people finding the love of their lives only because they gave online dating a chance.

A Chance to Portray Substance over Style

If you were ever worried that people would judge you like every book worm hypocrite judges a book, then online dating sites should be your number one option. This knight in pixels gives you a chance to communicate ideas to interest a match. All they have to judge your looks in your profile picture and the description that you provide, IF you want to provide that. From then on it is a unbiased roller coaster ride of getting to know each other without factoring in the looks.  
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Men’s Perspective

I found something really interesting and I thought I should put it here. According to OkCupid’s site data, men tend to message women more often who they think appeal to them and align with their taste, rather than women who they think would appeal to everyone. In other words, if you are unique this would be a good time to victory dance to John Legend’s All of Me.  

You Don’t Have to Make People like You

On dating sites getting people to praise your profile photograph does not do you any good. This is one thing that we strive for in real life, to be liked for our looks and be seen acceptably stunning. Online it does not affect your match, instead it may make things worse by putting you in the habit of building this persona behind which the real you hides.

Let’s Be Real

At the end of the day, the first person who messages you may not be your next love. What most fail to understand is that online dating is a lot like dating someone that you met in real life. Not every other guy or girl who confesses their attraction towards you may be the one. So be patient, be yourself, and let your good vibes find that person.
Do you agree or disagree with me on this? Let me know in the comments below.