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August 26, 2016

Online Dating

Why Some People Feel Wrong About Online Dating

Online dating may have become a household concept, but that does not stop it from being one of the most widely misinterpreted platforms. There are many among us who want to go for online dating, but don’t, all because of the negative connotations attached to it (wrongly of course).

Online Dating Makes Me Seem Like a Real Life Loser

No matter how much we look at ourselves and go, “who me? No I don’t judge that way.” We do. For some reason, our generation grew up making fun of anyone who could not pick up a guy or a girl in perfectly acceptable real life situations: Bars, clubs, poetry reading cafés, history class, etc.
I would be lying if I said that that was not me before I gave online dating a go. However, maturity kicked in later, and I realized, along with so many others, that there is nothing wrong with going after what you want. And there is definitely nothing wrong with doing it the modern way.
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How Could You Possibly Tell He/She is The One by a Profile?

You can’t. Nobody said that online dating was about finding a 100 percent match. And in cases that you do, that is not exactly a surefire way to tell that you will hit it off with this person. The match is there to simply make it easier for you to find people who may have similar interests as you. Whether you two click is what you will find out in time.

Online Relationships Never Amount to Anything

Online dating has not been around that long. But even so, there are so many people who share their success stories, or experiences about finding that special someone in their life through online avenues.

People Lie Online

Correction: People lie all the time. It is time that you start believing that for dating when you find someone outside cyber space. I came across this interesting study from Cornell University about how much people lie on the internet. I was surprised to see that the lies are only about common things, mostly physical features, and that they deviated 1.5% from the truth. Plus, at the rate social media is taking over every aspect of our lives, it is impossible to hide the truth about someone when they have so many social media accounts that speaks volumes about them.
And there you have it. I am probably one of the people who went through all that, but trying online dating yourself is the best way to know that it works. Let me know your interesting dating experiences in the comments below.