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December 28, 2018

Online Dating

Why do some men use fake profiles?

Before the advent of internet dating, we had to go to various places to socialize and meet people - bars, parties, weddings, churches and even bookstores. It took physical effort and mental courage to reach out to someone and introduce themselves.
Now with dating sites and apps, it has become easy to find a partner - or in this case, a combination of partners - even from a different country. You can start by judging the person by their picture and description, and then finding out if he or she is your type.
You may be wondering why a person would waste time creating a fake profile on a dating site, knowing that this person will never get anything. Even so, no matter how weid this may be, there are several reasons why there are fake profiles on relationship sites.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a jerk

Let's say you’re going through the profiles of a dating site and come face to face with a beautiful man with whom you would like to date. You send a message and he responds by saying that he wants to meet and talk with you!
Yet behind the scenes, he may actually be a cybercriminal who just wants a chance to strike.
Many men create fake profiles on dating sites, often with models and actors pictures, just to be able to talk to a woman he has become interested in and get accurate information from her.
So, he will know what she likes, her interests, her way of talking, thinking, and many other things that might come up in a conversation. Having done that, he may fail to contact her through the fake profile and use his actual profile, which is often not as flashy as the fake profile he has created.
But without you knowing it, he already has all the information he needs from you, so he can act with you as the perfect guy that you’re looking for on these sites, because he will tell you the right things by already knowing how you think without you even imagining that he already knows everything.
So, you won’t distrust anything and will continue to believe that he is the guy you have always been looking for. Unfortunately, this has happened a lot.
But after all, do you know how to identify a fake profile? No? I’ll help you.
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The photograph

A fake profile will always have fake photos. To identify a fake photo, follow the instructions:
  1. Access the profile you believe is fake and open any photo;
  2. Right-click Copy Image URL or Copy Image Address.
  3. Open Google and paste the photo address to search. Google will give you the option to search for related images, just click and you're done.
Observe the results, and if several photos with other names appear, it is because the profile is fake. If you don’t see any image that is the same or don’t appear suspicious results, it’s probably not fake, but make no mistake, there may still be some chances to be.

Middle class or rich

It’s very difficult to find a fake profile that is humble. It’s quite common and is already part of the pattern of fake profiles being middle class, and it’s never rare that these fakes display photos of visits to other countries just to impress the girls. You will never find a fake profile showing someone that lives in a shanty town.

Suspicious grammar and spelling

If the site is based on an English speaking country, keep an eye on grammar and spelling mistakes. Not everyone looking for a new love is a Shakespeare, and there is nothing wrong with not being a native speaker - but scammers sometimes cross borders electronically looking for victims, so such mistakes are a red sign. The same goes for emails. Native speakers have a natural cadence when speaking that is not easily copied. Suspect if something is "strange" in the tone or rhythm of the voice.

His or her album is always open

A typical characteristic of the false profile is the display that this profile boasts. Every fake profile loves to show off and are not at all worried about privacy on the internet, mainly because the photos don’t belong to the person who is there. It's very difficult to find a fake profile that has the album locked, even though there are still some exceptions.
Several fake profiles feature photos of extremely beautiful, model-looking people. It’s very rare for you to find in a false profile the picture of a chubby, bald man or one who doesn’t have a tooth. Most fake profiles are with pictures of blond people with clear eyes, whether blue or green, sculptural bodies, beautiful and always nice clothes.

Time saving

Strong feelings sometimes linger in the first few weeks of a new romance, but scammers try to speed up this process even more by offering large volumes of compliments and gentle words, as well as intimate details of their lives that they "never shared with anyone”.
What can be even more disturbing is that after a few conversations and emails, they may be asking for small amounts of money to cover strange expenses - they may be stranded in a strange country, have a family member with health problems, or have just been stolen. Whatever the situation, they need you to transfer money quickly. If money requests are frequent, run.

Most of the time they are women

Another thing that catches the eye is the fact that there are far more women fakes than men fake profiles. From the feminine fake profiles, blondes always stand out, which are usually an easy target for fake profiles. However, this is no reason to lower your guard in relation to men's profiles.
It may be that you’re talking and dealing with a real and genuine man, but be wary if he behaves like a Sugar Daddy and makes a point of showing it, he could be a “Salt Daddy”.
Clearly explaining, Salt Daddy is someone who pretends to be a Sugar Daddy to get some kind of Sugar Baby advantage.
There are so many sugar relationship sites and so many “Daddies” to choose that you need to be careful to spot the fakes ones and ignore them. This is very important for both your safety and not to waste your precious time.
To find out if you're typing with a Sugar Daddy or a Salt Daddy, first focus on your profile information, if it's complete, if some information is missing, the details of your photos can also say a lot.

Major Salt Daddies errors

If the conversation between you is always spicy, and he insists on talking about sex, fantasies or positions, be aware.
Generally this profile will make you waste your time just to have fun with a hot chat, or he can even ask for your cell number to continue through Whatsapp, or your Skype, to use a webcam. His goal is simple: to have a nude or amateur video, be very careful because you do not know it yet and the risk that this material will be released without your permission is high.
A Salt Daddy will make many promises and talk about his power and possessions just to impress and get something more from you. But if you give room for this type of man, he will be a waste of time as he will always try to create false illusions to keep you hooked.
The scams on dating sites are, in my opinion, the easiest to avoid. Why? Because you can cut off communication if something seems suspicious.

Some tips for you

  1. Scammers often make up the fact that they have no living parents or relatives, that his wife died of a horrible illness or an accident and they were alone with a child or teenager. Many say that their father is from some country, the mother is from another and that they live in a third country, so they don’t speak the language well;
  2. Usually the scammer will avoid saying where he works and where he lives. In many cases, he says that he travels a lot - he may even say that he stays in more than one address;
  3. Don’t believe that the person is trapped at an airport by the local police (from anywhere in Africa or the world!), that his daughter has suffered an accident and is in the hospital, that he needs to release goods at customs, that he got a horrible disease and need an expensive treatment and only your money can save him. For the good Lord's sake... Use your head! It's all a lie! And if it’s not, it would be a case in millions and it’s not your job to save everyone! Especially someone whom you doesn’t even know;
  4. The person tends not to talk too much about himself and doesn’t use the first person very much (because he’s lying), besides having profiles not very detailed in relationship sites. The more information he adds, the more things to remember;
  5. The scams can last for months. If you show weakness, that you’re falling into the talk of the scammer, that you’ll be available for hours to him... he’ll seduce you to the end. Sometimes the end of the coup goes something like this: the person believes in several lies in asequence and provides money for several different projects/situations (see topic above). And the scammer  applies the same trick  to several people at the same time - he has nothing to lose, only to win! If you talk too much with him, you’ll end up lowering your guard and becoming more vulnerable;
  6. The scammer usually doesn’t appear on the camera, but uses several photos for you to see - they are always pictures of other people. The photos can be of models or very beautiful people, to look very attractive. And the scammer always has an excuse not to meet you;
  7. Scammers take an average of 20-30 days to ask for money - in dollars, of course. First, they make sure that the woman is involved and doesn’t even suspect his real intentions. This request, which begins subtly, usually happens when he says he is about to come to your country to meet you, but he had an emergency and you need to help him. Get away immediately!

Please, be safe!

In short, online dating is just a part of the digital world. Similar hazards lurk in all other sectors of the Internet; dating sites simply attract criminals who specialize in exploiting the emotional fragility of others. The solution is not to avoid such services. Avoiding social media, buying online or watching news won’t keep you safe. Stay informed and alert to navigate with care and confidence.
If you notice that the person you’re talking to is a scammer, report it to the dating site where you first met.