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August 22, 2018

Online Dating

What types of men online women like most?

The man of attitude is not the womanizer that flirt with every woman that appears before him, but rather the one who doesn’t let himself be carried away by fear and acts in a way that always takes the first action to accomplish anything, especially regarding to respecting women. It means to say a man has attitude when he’s not afraid to do what is necessary and is not ashamed to demonstrate what he wants.
Who has never been seduced by a series of beautiful phrases? Or who never received a bad pick-up line at a party? The truth is that for most of adult life, women were targeted for the conquest of the most varied types of men. To conquer them, they try to use all the charm and tricks they possess.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Although there is a wide variety of behaviors to seduce a woman, it is possible to separate some more common types according to personality and manner of acting.
Women can detect seductive men with surprising ease. Just a little remark and a little chat to define their value.

What is a pickup artist?

A pickup artist is the man who loves to have many conquests, who loves to seduce women. Some of them are experts in the art of seduction, while others only try, but are not taken seriously by the female audience. They can be the dream or a nightmare of a woman.
Some of them feel the need to seduce all the time. They see relationships as a love game, because they are motivated by the competition of having more and more women fallen for them. It’s not uncommon for these heartbreakers to have lists of relationships and seduced women, such as hunting trophies.
In order not to fall into the conversation of a mere lady-killer it’s important to be able to identify him from so many types of men that we encounter through life, especially in the internet. If you are in a relationship site and a man shows interest in you, how can you tell if he is a typical pickup artist or just an interested guy?
The type of speech can give you a hint, but know that the real heartbreaker knows how to look the best of men when he wants to. So, it’s important to check his style of speech. If you know him in social medias, the better, because you’ll know with whom he is. If you realize that he’s always with a different company, it’s good to be suspicious.
In this situation, it’s important to enter the game of seduction, but to be alert to details such as how he expresses himself and if he has the need to always be conquering and appearing interesting. The typical seducer has the need to be always seducing and so he will feel attractive for everyone everytime.
  • His style: Elegance is a common feature in a seductive man. It’s a way to attract several women without even starting a flirting. He’s always well dressed, even casually, and you can see that through casual photos.
  • The smile: Seductive men have an engaging smile and every woman knows that. This is how they exude and reaffirm their self-confidence. Many times this happens naturally.
  • The conversation: He can talk to a woman without showing signs of insecurity and has a strong sense of being confident and seductive.
  • His gaze: Gaze is the first thing a woman values in a man. Those who know how to make eye contact demonstrate power and confidence in the first few seconds of flirting.
  • Availability: A successful man in seduction always has interesting women on his agenda and, so he will never be available all the time, or insisting on a flirtation that makes things always complicated.
  • Ruthless small talk: They have a great capacity for persuasion and they can also convince a woman to do just about anything.
Even knowing that you should not fall in love with a heartbreaker, many women don’t resist the temptation and end up involved. If you know that you are really involved and that you can’t help but fall in love, then stay well away from these guys, because you will end up suffering a lot.
Some pickup artists already bring a neon warning on their foreheads that they just want an adventure. If you see one of these before giving yourself the chance to be enchanted, try to escape from this situation and not fall into this conversation.
One of the main characteristics of the lady-killer is that he doesn’t make any detours. He goes straight to the point saying exactly what the woman wants to hear. But don’t be fooled. If you want a serious relationship, it's important not to get caught up with someone, so you'll jump out of that relationship as fast as you entered.
In case you are in search of just one adventure or don’t mind the possibility of being traded for another without the slightest explanation, or just want to play the game, then go for it. A good seducing game can be exciting and make your life much cooler.
When you're not going to hurt yourself, there's no problem getting into the game and getting carried away. Just don’t fall in love with a heartbreaker type of man.
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Types of pick-up artists

  • The charismatic / charming
A charismatic man seduces any woman with his charm. He doesn’t even have to be very handsome, but has something more. He’s responsible for inspiring everyone around him and even convinces them that his ideas are the best. Charismatic people have an inner quality of self-confidence, sexual energy, sense of purpose, contentment, which most people don’t have and desire. This quality radiates outward, permeating the charismatic gestures, making them appear extraordinary and superior. If such a man doesn’t seduce you, no one will.
  • The romantic one
He brings flowers to you. He writes songs and poetry for you. You feel like his muse, his star, his only true love. Being conquered by a romantic guy is something we always dreamt about.
The romantic man seduces all kinds of women because he knows exactly how to reach the heart of the person for whom he is attracted. He knows what details pleases every woman in particular and how to put her ideas into action to win the one he wants. Of course, this type of man often becomes rather boring when romanticism becomes nauseating. In that case, the secret is to know how to brake this man.
  • The most beautiful ones
It’s easy to recognize them: they are always fashionable, with amazing hairstyles, perfumed and with an air of "women will die for me". This appearance is usually accompanied by a narcissistic personality with little intelligence. They are firmly convinced that their beauty is enough to attract any woman and that it takes no effort to conquer anyone. They find themselves a true gift from the heavens, and many of those who are truly attractive tend to be lousy lovers, because they are so egocentric that they believe they don’t need to take care of a woman's pleasure.
  • The funny one
This is one of the most controversial types of lady-killers. He's the type who always has a smile on his face, with something funny on the tip of his tongue. The funny guy always has a witty joke whenever things are going bland. He will always have something fun to say to keep your spirits up when you are down. He’s smart, very fun and generally a big hit in the crowd. When he conquers you, he’ll make you laugh until you say enough.
However, this type of guy can also become tiresome and annoying if there isn’t a limit. When you try to have a more serious conversation, he can bounce back with a joke. And then, he loses more and more grace.
  • The bad guy
The bad guy is a female fantasy figure. Most women will never admit that they are attracted to such a guy, but when he turns his attention to them, few will refuse his invitation. He’s usually someone who indulges in all the pleasures of life. Whether it be drinking, gambling, drugs or promiscuity, he’s always throwing himself head first. His greatest vice is women. He’ll treat them as the most special woman in the whole world, but it's all a game, and most women already know their intention. They've heard the stories about their conquests, they probably know another girl he cheated on, but each girl thinks she'll be the only one capable of taming him.
If what you want is something more casual, it’s even easier to recognize a seducer per se. Above all, be aware of your choices. Getting involved is a choice, falling in love often is not. The ideal would be to start from a passion with a man of attitude towards a development of a great love.

The man of attitude

The pickup artist is actually a man of attitude. However, not always a man of attitude is a pickup artist. Sometimes the guy has attitude and shows all the characteristics of an alluring seducer and he’s doing it because he really wants to be with you and doesn’t want to make you a number for his stats.
The man of attitude is not afraid of a woman and is not even intimidated by the situations that occur in his daily life, no matter where he is. A man who has attitude works night and day to never be afraid to try. He knows that if he fails, he’ll have other opportunities to succeed. He knows that if one woman says no, many others are out there to say YES. He doesn’t look away, he stares, he takes charge of things. And do all this without disrespecting and not overriding anyone. He knows how to behave and does everything the right way. The man of attitude is rare, and being so hard to find is the reason why women value this type of men so much.

He makes her feel more woman

In the seducing game, we have the role of the man and the role of the woman. The role of the man is that of the conqueror and the woman is to be conquered. Women like to be conquered and not to do the opposite. So, when a man has attitude, when he takes the reins of the conquest, when he comes along, when he is the "hunter", so to speak, women love that. Women admire a man a lot when he plays his part and not when he acts like the woman. And when everything is in its proper place, it feels more feminine.

She is inspired by him and therefore respects him and follows him

The man of attitude has his character very well formed and, therefore, it’s easy to admire him by the way he is. Every woman loves this type of men. Then she begins to respect and follow him automatically, of her own free will.

She knows he trusts himself, and so it's easier to trust him too

Trust here is not only based on knowing that the man won’t betray her physically speaking, but also about dreams, plans and especially his word. The man who has attitude always does what he says he’s going to do and so the woman believes in his honesty and knows that she can trust what he says, because he has the attitude necessary to assume what he proposes to do.

What type attracts most women?

Women don’t like the same type of man: some like the most serious, some the most flirtatious, some the most mischievous, others a mix of all this and so on. Not to mention the ones that haven’t a specific type. Hence, there is no type that is 99% preferred by women. There’s always a partner for everyone! That is why every woman is attracted to a seducer according to her personality!