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August 29, 2016

Online Dating

What May Scare Us About Online Dating

The thought of going out on a date or talking to a total stranger who happens to be a match can make anybody nervous. I put together a list of all the fears that spring up in our minds when we update our profile, get a message from an online match, or give online dating a try for the very first time.

When We Say…  I Met Him or Her Online

If you are new to online dating and finally meet someone interesting online for the first time, wait till a friend asks you about him/ her. Right after you say I met so and so online, watch that brow flicker. Lo and behold – the stigma of ‘you can’t possibly find someone special or human online’.
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Being the Bearer of Boring Messages Yourself

We spend too much time criticizing the other that the realization of representing oneself in a dull and boring manner comes as a painfully harsh truth. Pledge today that you will keep your profile updates and put in special consideration for each message before you press Send.

Bad First Date

This is one thing nobody wants. Bad dates can happen to anyone. No matter how interesting the other person is, and how fun it was to talk to them through virtual messages, if one of you happens to be having a bad day or is constantly badgered by calls from “work”, yep, that’s your first impression swallowing an atomic bomb to self combust like a boss.

Awkward Pauses, Awkward Jokes, Awkward ATTIRE!

Speaking of bad dates, there is always the fear of not having anything to talk about, or finding out that you are way too casually dressed for the date than the other person.


Hey, this could happen! If you don’t know a person that well beforehand and you are going out on a date with them, abusement is the word that is bobbing in the back of your head, and you wonder, “is this how I go?” Just exercise caution and you can easily avoid creepy interactions.
Let me know about your experiences of dating online, any interesting stories that you have retold at parties countless times, and anything else you would like to share in the comments below.