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October 10, 2018

Online Dating

Tips for men: Mistakes you make with your photos

Whether it's at work, in college, in the market queue, or anywhere, checking and sending messages on your phone is more and more frequent, especially when it’s a conversation with someone who catches your interest.
If you usually talk via text messages, you should know very well that this feature allows an approach capable of yielding good results in the development of a relationship. The advantages in seducing women using text message are numerous, but they depend on your ability to write correctly and send relevant, entertaining and seductive comments.

Benefits of seduction through text messaging

The first advantage is the possibility of unwinding more during the interaction. Just like any virtual conversation, people are less shy when exchanging text messages, since they allow you to write things with less fear of visualizing the woman's reaction.
Another advantage is the discretion provided by this approach, since communication occurs only between you and the woman, without other people close to you hearing the conversation. Of course, both of you can show the messages to friends and family, but whoever talks online assumes that the other person is discreet.
One of the benefits of text messaging is also the ease access to content without almost any cost. Any couple can communicate without the cost of messaging compromising their budget.
One of the great advantages, however, is the chance to think carefully before sending each message. If silence can be harrowing in a live conversation, the use of messages allows the person to think before expressing the first thing that comes to mind.
The anticipation also leaves anyone with "butterflies in the stomach" waiting for a response. However, the previous moments until a new message reaches the inbox of the cell phone makes anyone realize that the sender didn’t respond impulsively, which tends to be more accepted than the dreaded awkward silence before instants without knowing what is the best answer for a comment made personally.
So, instead of simply starting up a conversation asking why the girl wasn’t around or questions that don’t arouse any desire to develop the conversation, give preference to comments with content, that is, messages that address interesting subjects.
For example: start the conversation by saying that you saw a trailer for a movie that you think she is going to enjoy. So she'll be curious and you'll have a good opportunity to set up a date at the movies or at your house.
If you never thought you could use your cell phone to win over women, think again! Using text messages is a great way to start a conversation with a woman and schedule the desired meeting. The problem is that most men have no idea that this is possible, and they end up making crucial mistakes when it comes to starting a conversation with a woman.
From now on, I'll give you some tips on right and wrong text messages.
I am not the owner of the truth nor any guru, so it may be that the wrong ones can work and vice versa in some cases.
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Sending photos and videos

Calm down, I'm not advising you to send photos and videos nonstop. Also, not every image is pleasing to women.
No nudes or pictures showing your six pack at the gym, for example. Also avoid comic images such as memes scattered across social media, because not everything you consider funny will make the girl laugh. The effect may be the opposite, and the woman may find everything bland and associate you with something silly.
But what should you send to her, then? Well, what I advise is, for example, sending pictures of trips you've done, focusing on landscapes and sights, which will impress the girl and will allow her to ask several questions about the trip and even about her, including more personal things.

Don’t always answer instantly

Doing a little suspense helps in seduction, as long as you don’t take days to answer a simple question.
So, avoid being flustered and don’t be the kind of guy who barely waits the woman to type in to start writing something else. Think of this as being the same as interrupting someone in a live conversation, which is not pleasant at all.

Talk as if you were in front of the person

The tone used in the conversation can greatly affect the outcome. So don’t try to look super smart with complicated words that you would never use if you were talking to women in person.
Try to imagine that the woman with whom you exchange messages is in front of you, that is, you can focus on words and expressions that are very relaxed and not too formal.
Before you send anything, remember to review it thoughrouly, to avoid typing mistakes, which are able to lessen or even end the girl's interest in you. If a tiny mistake goes unnoticed, quickly send the right version of what you wanted to say, with a hint of laughter, to show that it was just an unimportant distraction.

Reveal interesting situations

Talking about yourself is not forbidden. On the contrary, this may help the woman to know you more. To do so, avoid lamenting about your problems and reveal really interesting information, such as some curious situations that happened to you and what you felt when you went through them.

Play hard to get by being not always available

As much as you check the cell phone the whole time, it costs nothing to play hard to get, not checking the messages for a while, which will make butterflies fly in the woman's stomach.
When you finally answer and give a sign of life, tell that you were busy without going into too much detail or explaining yourself, because this might give the impression that you had done something wrong.

Strategic Text Messages

Often winning a heart is a matter of strategy and you should have a plan to guide the conversation to where you want it to go. First, it’s not a matter of saying everything that comes to mind, because things can follow a course that is not what you want.
If you seriously want to get in a relationship with the girl, don’t write anything too dirty until she becomes your girlfriend. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the conversation should not have anything sensual, but try to keep everything light, fun and interesting to her.
Also remember that the best strategy is to send a text message to your online date at night. If the two of you start talking every day at night, then you’ll undoubtedly be able to get the edge to attract her.

Getting her attention – getting a woman through dating apps and sites

Do you want to start a conversation with a girl that you’ve never talked with in an online dating site or app, but you don’t know what to say? What do you say in the first message?
The first message must aim to get the attention of the girl you want.
If this is a woman you don’t know yet, you can start by arousing her curiosity by saying something about her.
But there is one very important thing you must remember before starting everything:
Who is the most important person in your life? The girl you're in love with? Your mother? Your brother? No, man! The most important person, in the first place, is yourself.
Every human being thinks of himself first and then thinks about his neighbor, and when you want to get a girl’s attention, you just have to use a message with that combination:
Curiosity + Something about the girl
  • Examples of WRONG things to do:
“Hi, how are you? My name is (name) and I think you’re beautiful!”
“Hi, I was looking at your pictures, you seem to be an interesting person. I think we should talk and get to know each other.”
“Wow! I see that you’re very hot and I would like to meet you.”
  • Examples of RIGHT things to do:
“Hello! I was visiting your profile and I noticed an error in one of your photos.”
“I just saw a picture of you and realized something about you that probably no one else knows.”
Holy shit, I used your methods and now she answered me! Now what do I say?
Man, now you must begin creating comfort/affinity with her.
But how do I do that?

Creating a connection – getting a woman through dating apps and sites

At this stage, one of the important things is to discover things in common between her and you.
OK, everybody says that and blah blah blah blah, but why do I have to do this?
It's very simple. Answer me something:
What's the difference between a total unknown person and a friend you've known for a long time?
You will agree with me that basically, what sets these two situations apart is the amount of time you spend or have spent together and the information you and the person have with each other.
When you spend a lot of time with someone, you see this person constantly, and with that you two end up talking more (exchanging information about each other), and chatting, you end up discovering things in common.
That's when you find out, for example, that she frequents or frequented the same places as you have, has friends you know, likes certain songs you listen to and so on.
Making friends is a lot easier than seducing. But why?
Because when you want to be with a woman, the least you want is to become her good friend and get into the crappy friendzone, right? Therefore, you need to know to what extent you should create connection/comfort and, at the same time, demonstrate sexual interest in her.
Make it clear through your attitudes that you want much more than just her friendship.
So don’t spend your whole life chatting through messages without setting up a date, because this will make you just a friend and not a potential lover.

After contacting her:

She will answer and you will begin to establish quick comfort with her.
Using messages with a fun/bold/mysterious tone.
Creating that feeling of familiarity (similarity = we are alike).
Any detail you notice in some photo can also be a reason to help the flow of the conversation through text message.  Pay attention to the replies during the messages, because many things she says can be used as a hook for you to enter into a subject.

How often should I send text messages to her and how long should I wait to answer?

As said above, don’t always respond immediately
If it takes her 10 minutes to respond, wait for 10-15 minutes also before giving your answer.
Be unpredictable from time to time. Sometimes answer immediately, sometimes delay for a few minutes/hours. Depending on the game you’re doing, you can wait up to a day or more, depending on context and purpose.
For example, if your goal is to let the girl think of you’re away for a few days, then you could leave something in the messages that made her very curious to get the answer. But you don’t answer her for a while and you leave it in her thoughts.
As a rule, the idea of timing is not to look like an unoccupied guy with nothing to do, with boring life, that does nothing in life but go online.


Avoid boring conversations, use this communication tool to set a real life date to meet in person, because it’s at this meeting that things will happen and develop better.
Most guys send nonsensical texts and end up not dating any woman they're interested in. Don’t be one of these guys.

And don’t forget

Your goal with text messaging is to schedule a date with a woman. So your whole game needs to be structured to get you to that goal.