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August 20, 2016

Online Dating

Seniors - Conquer The Online Dating Sites!

If you can’t think of a place to find interesting people from your cohort, online dating may just be for you.

Don’t Do It Because You Have To

You must be sure that you are ready to date. If you are not, the match you find online will never turn out to be a healthy relationship. Confidence rules, even if you are past 50. On top of that, if you are angry or hurt by a past relationship, do not ever let this creep its way into what the future holds for you.
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Gone Are the Days of Clichés and Internet Slang

Use your original charm. Be 100 percent yourself. You are classy as is. Do not make the mistake of taking cues or copying the younger generation. Trust me, they look up to you. Seriously, YOLO, no matter how accurately suited here it may seem, should be steered clear of.   

It Takes Time

If you are using online dating sites for the very first time, you will soon find that one cup of coffee is never equivalent of that musical song where you know magic just happened. It might take a couple of trips to the café before you really start knowing the other person. Do not let this get you down, enjoy the ride, if you click, you click.   

Not the Time to Be Picky

That header may sound harsh, but it so does not mean what you think it means. Online dating lets you keep your options open. Some sites require that you write what you are looking for in a partner while others simply ask about you and find a match. Remember the information that you provide finds a match for you. So focus on not singling out particular features, otherwise the system might not find anyone at all for you. Plus the beauty in online dating lies with the fact that you get to meet new people.

Be Cautious

Always exercise caution. Meet in a public place for the first few dates. You will soon get to know the person better, and judge for yourself if they are really who they claim to be. I have always stressed on how instincts are your best friend when dating. So before you listen to him or her, listen to yourself. If it does not work out in your head, hello match no. 2.
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