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September 15, 2016

Online Dating

Need a Soulmate? Online Dating is Perfect For You

Forget the clichés. Don’t pay heed to the nagging feeling that everything is downhill from here on out, or at least you are “meant” to feel that way. Because honestly, according to who exactly? It has been a while and you know what you have to do. There are so many ways that you could move on and leave the past where it belongs. Fresh starts are always a great thing. Pffft! You don’t need a wingman; you can do this on your own. Here are the spoils of my contemplation on the top 3 reasons online dating checks out for you.

Blind Dates Are the Way to Go

Hey, it did not exactly work out when you made sure you knew the real him or her. Why not give fate a chance? Like they say (in literally every movie I am watching these days): babe, it’s inevitable. What happens will happen, and it does not matter how much you inspected that person before you go out with them, you will know if you click and if it feels right. You might even end up running into each other again. So give it a go, don’t give things a chance to haunt you with those pesky “What if’s”.  
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You Get to Creep Away from Creeps

I am not all proud of putting this here. But this sort of dating does give women the freedom to comfortably say “hi”, and if you find that the person is nothing like his profile specifies, you can always disappear without feeling awkward about it. Speaking of awkward, how cool is the fact that these sites ask you questions straight up so that the other person does not have to. (WHAT?! you are allergic to cats? I don’t want to give you up, you are so cuuuuteee *sniffles* Don’t put me in a position where I have to choose between you and Thomas O’Malley… Don’t tell me to calm down, I am calm!) 

How Long Have You Been Out of the Dating Game?

Things have changed. And if they have not since you last dated, your perception probably has. If you are a bit hesitant about going up to that hot dude, or that girl glancing your way, well, don’t! You don’t have to sacrifice going out of your comfort zone if you feel your palms sweating, and onset feeling of you disappointing yourself in the future.
The world of online dating has evolved. You don’t just get to pick the next person who signed up and features an attractive picture. No, you input your qualities, the things you like, the things you can’t stand, and the system finds a match for you. Voila! That’s half of your work done for you. So, technically, you are not exactly going into this blind.