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November 11, 2016

Online Dating

Love online is possible, just know where to look

One day, surfing on the internet, I read a story of a couple who had met online, through online dating services. She lived in California and he in London. She enjoyed historical novels and classic literature such as Jane Austen and he seemed to embody everything we expect from a good modern English gentleman. Of course it wasn’t easy, and the blog post spoke about time zone difficulties, distance and even money problems. Both dated for three years, going back and forth from one country to another, in a relationship full of perseverance and some fights. But they loved each other and finally she moved to the country of her dreams with the man of her dreams, and now they are expecting their first child.
Reading this made me think about how these stories sound like modern fairy tales and give us some hope. Sometimes we look around us and we find ourselves surrounded by incompatible people who seem to have no common interests with us. How many times have you been to a bar or a club and felt that you find the same kind of guys all the time? And then you read stories like this and it fills your heart with hope. However, often the term "online dating" has a negative connotation, because it seems to be synonymous of desperate people who can't have a personal relationship and find comfort online for their lonely lives. Many people are afraid to venture into online dating, either by fear or prejudice, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who use this type of service. Most people don’t realize all the advantages that exist in online dating. There is a world out there full of people for you to meet.
I've been in the online dating world for a while. I had my share of good times and disappointments. I even ventured to give some advice about online dating (as you can see in my previous posts), but I never talked about myself, my experiences. Like a diary of my "adventures". Today I decided to change that. I need a change in my life. I've been through some love delusions and I believe I have something good things to share (for anyone who wants to listen/ read). Now I'm not just going to give advices. I will open my heart for you. Whether this will be good or not, only the future will tell. I'm counting on your comments. Fasten your seatbelts people, ‘cause here I come!