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August 14, 2016

Online Dating

How to Turn a Loss into a Win When Dating Online

Internet culture is evolving at a fast pace, and with that, so is the world of online dating. Like it is in the real world, there are some things that are total turn offs. The good news is that you can always turn these around.

Too Slow, Too Boring

If you are going to take forever to respond to a message just because you had to rewrite the whole thing ten times over, it is probably going to make you come off as someone uninterested, or for a lack of a more graphic term, a classic twit instead of stylishly mysterious and aloof (which I don’t think is what you were going for either).
Be yourself, and if you are interested, make sure your attitude conveys that. There are only so many fish in the sea.
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You Are Bored and It Shows

Nothing is worse than a conversation that starts with “whatcha doing” and has “so..?” coming up at least ten different times. Just because you are bored, do not let this show through in the time that you have to make a good impression in front of your online match.
The great thing about conversations is that you can just pick one thing and start building a conversation around it. The best way to do this is by picking one thing that you know about this person and letting the other person take it away with their interest in the thing.

Putting off the Actual Meeting

The person on the other end is thinking the same thing as you; they want to know if you really are like the picture they have painted in their head of you. Do not give the other person reasons to doubt you, if you are really interested in that person. If you are shy, now is the time to grab that self help book. You have to meet them sooner or later, why procrastinate and ruin your chances.

Always, ALWAYS Love Yourself

Since you are communicating through words, the impression you make will be the tone you talk in and the ideas you put through. People who are self degrading in everything they say, or most things they say, are not exactly coming off as impressive. Everyone has their limitations, but why focus on that here?  If you do not love yourself, how can anybody else? Be confident; the other person only knows you by what you say.
You can test out these for yourself. Got anything more that would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.