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How to get a man's attention online

Do you know how to conquer a man using social networks? Have you noticed how people stay connected to services like Facebook and WhatsApp all the time? Did you know that 68.4 million million people use the internet on the cellphone?
Put those numbers together with people who chat apps, plus the relationship websites and apps like Tinder and see the potential that these tools have in helping you find a new boyfriend, or someone to enjoy life with.
So knowing how to date using social networks is a skill that every woman needs to acquire. Having this skill can make your life much easier. You will understand the reason throughout the article.

How to awake the interest of a man

I will answer in a very direct and objective manner. For several times you have wondered what you have to do to make him notice you, so that he realizes your existence and addresses you, to start a long and promising conversation.
The truth is that there is no secret to arousing a man's interest. There are yes, discreet attitudes that make him realize that you are signaling and catching his attention discreetly. Here are some points that usually arouse our interest in men.
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Be discreet

If there is one thing that most women confuse is to think that men like women who draw attention to themselves, who does everything to be in the spotlight.
WRONG! They don’t like that in any way, but somehow, I understand you when you say that man is all the same and that he only likes a woman who tries to catch his attention by being too sexy. The truth is that this type of woman is seen by men as something superfluous, as an object, a product of disposable use (please, I don’t agree with these men. I believe that women should wear what they want, despite men’s opinion).
Men usually don’t value these women who bet on extravagance to attract attention. I am very firm when I say this, because deep down most of them want mysterious women who value themselves. So being discreet without doubt will arouse interest in him.

Be Confident

The beginning for whatever step to take in life must be started with confidence. The great difference of people who succeed in life or in something they always wanted is precisely because they believed in them first of all before anyone else.
But it’s important to say that being self-reliant doesn’t mean that you should be optimistic and not take into account the facts. Most women end up frustrating themselves by not acting with reason. We humans often fantasize things in our mind that literally stalls the future steps.
Being self-confident doesn’t mean that you should be just optimistic. Yes, optimism is part of it, but you need to set aside a quota for possible frustrations and disappointments. This will make you walk without fear of reaching your goal.

Explore your true side

Another very trivial mistake committed by both men and women is exactly trying to be someone else. It happens a lot. It’s when we want to impress the other person to get him interested in us.
It’s precisely at this moment that many women make wrong decisions. The great majority of women who wish to arouse interest in a man disappoint exactly because they don’t act according to their personalities.
In most cases they take on an instant personality just to get the attention of the guy with whom they’re interested. However, you need to let go of any idea that you have to impress him.
The ideal is that you start acting within your real self. Be natural, don’t force yourself to want to be a woman that never existed inside you. Bet more on your true personality, be it cheerful shy, extroverted, conversational, observant or whatever.
The important thing to know is that to conquer a man you just need to be yourself without a mask, without fantasies. We make mistakes when pretending to be a person or having a certain attitude or behavior in order to impress and arouse a person's interest.
Now I'll talk about what you should not do when interacting with men online. By avoiding doing the things listed below, your chances of calling his attention to you will greatly increase.

Send messages at inappropriate times

No one deserves to be almost asleep and be awakened by a notification. Be very careful with the hours of sending messages so as not to upset your crush. Of course, if you both like to talk at late hours, it’s your deal, but be sure to know first if he likes this.

Reply rudely

Rude people are not well accepted in society. Don’t accept everything you hear from others, but be careful about the answers you give to the person you want to seduce.

Don’t disappear for a long time

To miss someone is good. Being unavailable from time to time increases the mistery he sees in you, but be careful not to go offline for too long. Who doesn’t give assistance opens to the competition.
Understand his dynamics in the social network and set a maximum time to disappear using something like the following:
  • If the person logs in every day and every hour, stay at the maximum 2 days without talking to him;
  • If the guy logs in once a day and there is not much time left, the limit goes to one week;
  • If he uses little social networking, something like once a week, you can stay up to two weeks without talking to him;
  • If you're online, but busy, and he calls you, answer with a "I'm busy. Let’s talk later”. This sentence shows that you care.
Although there is no specific pattern, this has worked well for the girls who ask me for advice via email.
The important thing is to understand that you should be unavailable, but dosage well the use of this technique.
Another tip is to go offline Friday night and Saturday morning to show that you have social life beyond the computer and the cellphone.

Sending nudes

The wave of nudes grew with social networks. They have been used since long time, in the early 2000s.
The big problem with them is that some men leak the photos to their friends and they end up becoming public, which can cause you a big problem. You certainly have heard cases where this happened, right?
My suggestion is to send nudes only when you're closer to the guy and trust him. Be careful with your image as this can have consequences in the future.

Be careful not to act like a stalker

It’s common to run out of subject and start asking about everything he does, when and how he does it.
Remember that you still have nothing together, so this strategy can be suicide.
Soon you’ll know each other better and you’ll always have something to talk about.

Avoid being exposed too much on social networks

Be careful with what you post and how you post it, especially on social networks.
Some companies look at the profile of the job seeker to get a sense of his or her personality. Your social profiles can help or hurt you, depending on what you put into them. Be very careful about controversial issues, for example. Avoid placing personal data, such as telephone, full name, among others.

Tips to conquer a man valid for any social network and relationship site

Each network, site or app has its dynamics, but in general, the policy of good conduct is similar, so the tips below are universal:
  • Initially, keep the conversation light and easy;
  • Get used to calling him by name;
  • Take the chat to the funniest side. People go to social networks and relationship websites to socialize and have fun;
  • If you are entertaining, he will associate you with good things;
  • Whenever you get out of the conversation, leave a hook like "we'll talk later," or "I'll be right back" and something like that;
  • Laugh, make him laugh and have fun;
  • Don’t talk about your past relationships. This may convey the idea that this shadow may still bother you in the future;
  • Be mysterious. The mystery makes a man invest more in the conversation;
  • Over time, try to understand the other person's world and connect more deeply with him.

How to know if your flirting is going the right path

Well, without delays, there are 2 ways:
Analyzing the response time to your messages
The longer the delay between your messages and his, the less interest. Of course, you should keep in mind that every case is different.
What is the other person's world like? He can actually be very busy and use social networks and relationship websites very little.
Checking if the answers are monosyllabic
If his answers are "yes", "hum...", "I understood..." and so on, that indicates little interest.
If even with open questions, you realize that the conversation doesn’t flow, abandon the boat and look for someone else.
With the base ready, let's make any relationship website and social network into a machine to attract interesting men to you.

How to turn any relationship website and social network into a machine for conquering men

Use photos in HD
Take good photos. Nowadays any cheap cell phone can already take very good pictures.
Keep in mind that the brightness and the environment have a very great weight in the quality of the photo. Prefer clear and clean locations for your photos.
Vary your photos
Vary the clothes, locations, situations and positions you are in.
A good tip is to take pictures with friends, with whom you’re smiling and having fun.
Keep in mind the image you want to give with them. What kind of woman do you want to be? Cool? Elegant? Chic? Party? Shy?
This will drastically change the photos you put on your profile and your social network albums.
Remove bad pictures
Dark pictures in ugly locations should be taken from your albums.
Avoid photos with sunglasses. They hide their eyes, and men like to see them.
Use enhancements and image editing programs. Image editing programs can become useful allies on your journey to your new relationship. You don’t need to be an expert in Photoshop to reduce a red-eye and remove the gaps in the images.

Killing phrases to use on relationship websites and other social networks (use with caution)

From these phrases, you can create your own. The important thing is to follow the concept and not the phrase itself. Be creative!
"What kind of movie do you like?"
It’s a killer because it induces him to invite you to watch something.
"How would you feel if I asked you to spend the night with me?"
It’s killer because it will make you prone to make the situation happen.
"I trust you"/ "I feel safe with you"
It connects closely, but if used too early, indicates that you already want a commitment right away. Beware of using it.
"I want you now"
This is success for sure! Guaranteed! I don’t even need to explain why. This and other suggestive phrases are magnets for men. They'll stick to you.
"Tell me more about it…"
This phrase shows that you are interested in what he has to say, that he is important to you.
"We could do it sometime ..."
You invited him to something, but you didn’t appear to be needy or desperate. “One of these days" leaves the idea of future. It's up to him to take the bait and do something.
"I'm like this just with you..."
The secret here is the exclusivity and the fact that there are other faces in you (so the use of "just with you..."). These words will make him think: "Who are the others?"
The unconscious of men like to know that you are different with them. This massages his ego.
So start applying the tips in this article and see the results. Tell me what you think in the comments and share it with your friends.