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November 07, 2018

Online Dating

How to create a profile that attracts men

Surfing the internet, for many people, means having access to news from your own country and around the world. Others prefer to jump straight to the sports sites, while many even like to read about trivia, research a new TV show or see the latest news from the technology world.
This, of course, not to mention the social networks that are responsible for keeping us in constant contact with most of our friends. However, even with all this connectivity, some find it difficult to take advantage of these virtual environments to make new friends.
And if getting new friends is difficult, finding your soulmate by browsing through internet sites can be even more complicated. Even with the advent of websites developed specific for relationships.
Then inevitably the question arises: "Am I the problem?". Well, if you're a serial killer or you live in a rented room and have more than 50 cats in a 10 square meter space, then the answer is yes, you're probably scaring away the people you want to relate to.
However, in most cases the situation is easier to resolve than you think. Who knows, simple touch-ups in the profile created by you within a network of relationships can already bring great results.

Are you really looking for a serious relationship on relationship sites?

When it comes to creating your profile on relationship sites, you need to keep in mind if what you’re really looking for in this dating site is a serious relationship. There are many people who go into relationship sites for various reasons, which is not a problem, but you need to know what you really want to find on them.
Whether it’s a serious relationship, just a flirtation, a friendship, just sex or a friend to talk to, these are the reasons why many people create a profile in a relationship site, and it’s essential that you create a profile that is clear enough, demonstrating what you’re looking for on this site.
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How do I determine what I want to find on the relationship site?

Create a list of what you’re looking for and what you don’t want. Remember that the most important thing for those who are looking for a serious online relationship is sincerity. Be as sincere as you can, especially in relation to you and what you want in that relationship that you’re seeking.
Before you start creating your profile, create a list with what you’re looking for. List things you want to find in a man, what you dislike about a man and what you don’t accept in any way in a relationship. You need to make this last item very clear on your profile so that your own profile will filter and attract only people that are the way you want.

Choosing a username

If you've already decided what you're looking for in an online relationship, create your profile with a focus on what you're looking for. The first step is your username. This may even seem like a simple step, but make no mistake, it's not as simple as it sounds.
Your nickname should be something easy for others to remember, as well as being captivating and not too long. It may be nice to also include some of your striking features, such as a preference or activity you practice.
With the number of people online on relationship sites, it's likely that your choice at the time of username creation already exists, and you'll need to think about some other thing until you find a name available.
It's precisely in these hours that people end up putting strange names like 696Gx52. What counts is that you exercise all your creativity and choose a nice username that can catch the attention of users. Several men claim that user names with the words sexy, cute or anything else make them believe that what this woman searches on the dating site is just sex or fun.


Before you start writing about you, make sure that you have enough time to devote to the whole process of preparing your profile. You will need at least two hours somewhere where it’s calm and quiet, where you can sit down and write everything about yourself that should enter that profile. And when I say writing, I’m talking about using paper and pen. Yup!


When you feel ready to begin, think of the times in your life that you have felt safe, calm, and relaxed. Where were you? What have you been doing? Was someone else on your side?
Write down your memories, and as odd as it is, bringing those memories to the surface by writing them will make you feel safe to get in touch with your deepest desires, that is, it will help you in the process to define what you would really like.
Keep the sheet always around during the process. As you go through the rest of the steps, remember these memories of calm and safe places. Ask yourself if the person you’re looking for in these relationship sites will bring you all those memories and sensations.

And now, what to write in the description?

Most sites leave a space of only a hundred characters for you to write your description. Needless to say, it's your chance to tell more about yourself, but it's not easy to describe yourself in so little space.
Men like to see well-written and attention-grabbing descriptions in dating sites. After the photo, it's the part that interests them the most. So it's your chance to get it right (or not).
Talk about your hobby, compare yourself to a character, say what you like to do, but don’t talk too much. Let the user feel like getting to know you better. And, if possible, use humorous phrases.
In the description, it’s important to mention to others the characteristics that make you unique. Even if it's not something popular, like watching classic black and white movies, for example. You might attract men who have the same taste as you. It’s better to attract potential compatible candidates than a lot of nonsense people.

Don’t elaborate too much or don’t try to include everything

Instead, use only the words that you need to start your ideas directly.
A long profile on relationship sites will be a waste of words and will include less interesting language. Unless you write very well and practice a lot, you won’t be able to keep up the pace by writing paragraph after paragraph.
Have you read the profile of a guy who was so long and boring that you barely made it halfway through it? Even if your profile is good, you don’t need to have him read it for ten minutes. This is not fun!
Writing a long profile can be an exaggeration. You don’t need to include all the details about your life. This is annoying. You want your reader to form an attractive image of who you are, not memorize your life story.
Some dating experts have made the claim that men like women who seem “mysterious” in their dating site profiles. Here's the theory:
Most women reveal many facts about themselves too soon. This causes the man to think that everything is planned and, as a result, loses all the initial attraction he might have had. Instead, you shouldn’t say too much and keep shrouded in mystery, so that you keep him intrigued by your "mystery".
Of course, that also depends on the guy and on the amount of “mystery”.
For some guys, trying to be too mysterious just makes you look weird and dishonest. Not wanting to show who you really are. Instead, you can write a medium-sized profile that provides some information, but in a way that he finds interesting.

Make lists

When exploring your profile, make lists of your characteristics, specifying what your differential is and also what you don’t admit at all. Needless to say you must be honest, right?
Describe the aspects with kindness, being unspecific. Don’t say that you want a family or that you’re looking for someone to marry. Instead, say that you’re a homely person who likes to enjoy the good side of life with someone special.
The negative side, that is, the things you’ll never accept, should be short, so you don’t scare the candidates. Later you evaluate, after start talking to the guy, you’ll evaluate if you’ll want to have a deeper conversation about this.

Make it fun

Serious profiles equals boring profiles. Many women write bland profiles on relationship sites because they are serious about data accuracy and finding the "right" person, but they don’t realize how unattractive this is for men.
Having a dry, humorless profile makes it seem like you’re taking the courtship too seriously, and the person who reads you thinks you’re NOT available. A woman who has options doesn’t have to be so serious about dating. She has the freedom to have fun with her profile.
Serious and boring profiles play against you. They’re like women who, at first, try to make a good impression by being a normal girl, having a tedious conversation and picking their words very carefully so as not to be that "cool but annoying" girl.

Don’t lie!

Speaking the truth is imperative for anyone who wants to start a new romance through a website. Lying is ugly, your mother taught you that this is wrong and you certainly wouldn’t want to be cheated by someone else. How about you come in for a date and find out that that enchanted prince is nothing of what you had talked about?
So the opposite is also true, that is, don’t create an image of what you’re not. So, this topic comes up to reinforce the previous ideas: make a candid, positive and pleasant description, choose a good (and recent) photo for your profile and just wait!

Set clear goals

Men like to see profiles of target relationship sites defined. It goes without saying that you’re looking for someone for serious relationships, but a few phrases will serve as a good understanding.
For example, I like to enjoy life with someone special is very different from enjoying life in general. Talk about hobbies or things you want to do, so the candidates will understand what your main goal is. Those just looking for someone for a one night stand will back off.
However, it’s interesting to be open to meeting new friends as well. Being too explicit in having a romantic relationship will alienate good people who can later become excellent boyfriends. They just didn’t  find the person who made them change their mind yet.

And keep it your profile updated!

Accounts without movement give the impression of being forgotten, abandoned. That way, it's interesting that you always check your profile, changing some things and showing that you are still firm in your search!
Of course, if that is the case, it’s not worth appealing too much, so don’t fall into the temptation of going the easy way. So, don’t just post videos, links to other pages, lyrics or random phrases. Cliches are cool only in movies.

Visual aspect

If you have the habit to read my posts, you know that from time to time I remember and repeat about the importance of a good profile photo and good photos on the album. Although there are many tips for a good photo, I would like to sum it up in the three main ones: image quality, angle, and care with its visual composition.
Now, according to your description, also try to select a photo that is consistent with what you wrote. For example: if you climb as a hobby, select a photo practicing this activity. However, there is no need to put a photo showing each hobby you have described. One suggestion would be to change the photos that exhibit a hobby periodically. It can be one by one or two by two, depending on the amount of hobbies you've listed.
Unless the subject matter of your profile has a more comic content or a more acidic mood, if you claim to be a good person, reaffirm this in the photos with spontaneous smiles.

Look for errors

Once you create your profile (and also periodically) review it and look for errors. Please read everything carefully before posting and reread it every other day because you will probably want to make modifications.
Browse through other profiles and compare them to yours, looking for both positive and negative features. Add whatever you find necessary and erase whatever you’re not so sure about. Just leave something if you really find it interesting and worthy of information.
Oh, and ask a trusted friend to read your profile or even help you in creating it. Since this person needs to speak the truth, in the name of friendship, both of you can make important changes.
After you have created a cool profile that shows you who you are and what you’re looking for in a serious relationship, it’s time to start your search and have fun with the suitors!