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November 28, 2016

Online Dating

A flood of relationship sites

Before I choose the relationship site I'm using, I've tried several others. There are so many choices of websites and apps that I felt like I was getting lost in a flood of options. But how to choose the best one?
By far, the best service that online dating and dating sites offer is the access to other single people who are looking for relationships, usually romantic. However, I must be completely honest. I can state that 90% of the men who are in most of the relationship sites are only interested in SEX! (Calm down, I said most and not all of them. Actually, there are some very serious men in the dating social networking market!).

A little about the numbers

For now, despite the significant limitations, such apps and websites can provide valuable services for people who want an extra tool in dating life. Twenty years ago, only 1% of people in successful relationships met online. As of 2003, 22% of the couples interviewed in a study met each other through the Internet. In 2005, almost 40% of internet users were dating online, and that number is probably higher today.
This is a good thing and it helps people to get to know others without having to be in a specific place or specific time. Chance has lost some of its value to the encounters, giving more room for a freedom of choice with whom and how you should talk.
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My experience

I've had my share of flirting online. In one of these flirtations, I met a guy by a dating site, which was even paid for. I paid for the experience, which was very valid. I like to travel and venture, so I put my backpack on and I met an unknown part of the United States and a person who is now a friend and for whom I have a lot of affection. On another (free) dating site, based on musical tastes, I made some friendships and also had a date, which was less successful than the paid website, and that didn’t give me a lasting friendship.
In both cases, what helped me was to have clearly searched for something: meetings, but knowing well of my tastes and what I was looking for. So I was able to limit my sample of "candidates". Having a clear goal might help you to better enjoy these sites and apps.

But how to choose a site in the middle of this flood of information?

My answer is simple: choose serious websites! The best services and best results come from websites with sufficiently large databases, and preferably not from a free website. The website should ensure multiple services and good support. Of course, the price should be acceptable. No one wants to spend a fortune just to talk to a person over the Internet. Be wary of things that are too easy. Be wary of too shallow apps. Do you want something serious? Be a serious person.
Find out what you want and good luck in your online dating!