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December 25, 2016

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A backpack on the back and the road ahead

I think that since I started walking, I explore every hidden corner I see in front of me. First was my house, after that, my neighborhood, and progressively, the world.
I remember when I was very small and my parents would leave the house for a few hours. I would climb stairs into the attic to explore the junk and secrets that existed there. But one day I discovered that the attic was not enough and I began to explore the streets, alleys, and even mines and fields close to my home. When my grandmother was more distracted, I would run away and spend hours away from home. Today, it seems dangerous to me, but I remember entering abandoned water mines with matches that I pulled out of the house and exploring shell and claustrophobic corridors. And I like to travel alone. To put a backpack on my back and just venture out!

But what about the courage to travel alone?

I know this is not for everyone and there are people who are afraid to travel alone, especially women. They can’t imagine themselves eating alone. The simple idea of being in a plane or in a beach chair without a company is a terrifying thing. But a warning: once you get the taste of it, you might end up liking the idea.
Yes, I have moments that I keep thinking that I would love to have this or that person with me, but I never cease to enjoy a destination because of this. I put in my head that I'm going to bring them afterwards. And For those who want to meet new people like me, it's wonderful!
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Why is traveling so good?

When I travel, I laugh more, I am more affectionate, I make connections between the things I have seen, studied and what I am learning, I remember my loved ones. When I travel, I am an easy, flexible, willing person, who accepts the changes willingly. I try new things, I accept to do things that I don’t normally enjoy. When I travel, I don’t judge myself for this or that. I do what I want, without problems. I'm practical. When I travel, I don’t care for my appearance to the point of losing something for it, and I care enough to use accessories.
When I travel, I am a person that I like to have around. I am who I want to be 365 days a year. And that's why I love to travel. It is also because I have learned, traveling, that I don’t need all the perfect conditions to be the person I want to be and that I chose the most difficult, least practical option. I don’t want to travel 365 days a year. I want to try - without putting it in a to-do list – to learn to be my traveling self, right here at home.


But I'm writing all this to tell you that I'm going backpacking in Europe by the end of the year. And I'm going to take advantage of this site to look for interesting people there to meet. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find someone nice and schedule a date? I will keep you informed and I will tell you everything that is happening. Until then, kisses!