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December 26, 2016

Love and Romance

I'm a modern, romantic girl. What's the problem?

I'm packing my backpack for Europe. My previous post made a good impact. Some people sent me messages wishing me a good trip. But one kind of message got my attention. Many people said it was nice to be so cool and not the kind of romantic person.
But you misunderstood! I'm a romantic person! I believe in true love and to find our half of the orange. But why does this seem to be incompatible with I'm being in a dating site or enjoying traveling alone and meeting new people? It is possible to be cool, modern... and romantic.
It seems that nowadays people seem to consider being a romantic a defect. As if it were something incompatible with current technologies and opportunities. But I dare to disagree.

Poor me, I'm romantic

Alas, I sigh with the romantic movies, hoping that love will win in the end. Alas, I'm excited just thinking about marriage and, since childhood, I dreamed of getting married like a Disney princess.
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Romanticism: the art of loving

Romanticism is a feeling that has existed since time past. But as the years go by, people change their ways of expressing their feelings and attitudes, of demonstrating romanticism, becoming modern.
That way, romanticism survives to this day, for as one person knows another and they begin to love one another, and to please one another.
Often, at the beginning of a dating, the couple just wants to be together, just talk about it. With that comes the doubt whether being romantic is or not being tacky. From my point of view, being romantic is not being tacky, but everything must happen within limits. A person can’t shame the beloved with attitudes that lead to ridicule, thus becoming a tacky person. The romantic must impose some limits on himself, trying to please, cheer and love the other so that he feels good.

Romanticism and Modernity

Unfortunately, many people have gone into the materialism of large urban centers, caring only for goods, for material things, for money. In our opinion, today's romanticism can lessen this, as people become more concerned with romanticism, they seek to rescue it and really seek to live a great love, leaving material things behind.
I don’t think modernity is incompatible with romanticism. The woman modernized herself, took her place in the labor market, finally fought and won many equalities in the matter and conquered her "place in the sun", but her essence is still the same, believe me! We became more practical, yes, it's true; But that unbridled romanticism of which we are composed, that makes us watch a scene of a soap opera with tears in our eyes, rewind countless times the scene of that romantic comedy that we love, and sigh every time the phone rings, still screams within our feminine nature. Yes, we are eternal and priceless romantics!
Finally, it is necessary that people are really romantic, with limits, not to sadden the loved one. They should live this romanticism in a closer way, exposing their feelings in a polite and well thought way, and fighting against materialism, since it is not worth it. It is a pity to attach more to materialism than to sentimentality.
Poor me, because I believe in the goodness of people and in happy endings - is it naive of me to think that love exists? Poor me, because I am easily hurt, but I can’t help but be that incurable romantic.