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a woman Kaka
I am Kaka, 35 years old.
I am a woman looking for a man or a woman.
I live in Lavras, Brazil.
About me:
Amiga amora e namorada
“ Oi eu sua solteira sua a karina tem um filho e linda presizo de um mulher amiga carinho ”
About my preferred dating partner:
“ Sua a karina tem um filho amigo fala com minha com vida ”
I prefer that you are21 - 18 years old.
My favorite way of spending time is spending time with family.
My appearance is: My skin color is brown, dark brown, my height is 139 cm. My hair is long and red. My eyes are red or violet.
I am single.
My thoughts about relocating or moving are that I am not willing to relocate.
I havea child.

I wish to have 2 more children.
My zodiac is Taurus.
My religion is christian orthodox.
I understand and speak Portuguese.
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