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Is it Difficult to Date a Foreigner?


Many people miss out on the opportunity to have an incredible romance because of common myths that revolve around dating foreigners. But is it truly so difficult to date someone from another country?

We are all individuals. As human beings, we have a kaleidoscope of experiences, values, and cultures. Dating a foreigner is like dating any other person. You should face it as a new experience, an adventure. Do not let prejudices or fears prevent you from meeting a wonderful person. And who knows? That person could be your soul mate.
A lot of the myths that revolve around dating a foreigner are outdated stories from the beginning of the popularization of the internet. Other myths and stories are the consequence of propaganda against international dating.
Often these types of misconceptions are continually repeated in the press due to a lack of research, or simply prejudice. However, today's reality is much more optimistic.
Companies who work to make online relationships are considerably more specialized than they used to be. In addition, the advancement of internet safety has prevented the greater part of the old types of fraud from being possible today.
Ultimately, both women and men across the world now have a much deeper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of looking for a foreign partner. This may be the most significant transformation of all.
Over the course of this article, you will come to understand the truth behind the best-known misconceptions relating to international relationships. That way, you will be able to decide if this is something you would like to try or not.
You will be amazed at how much you can discover!

A friend told me that dating someone from another country is only suitable for people who are unable to find a companion on their own countries

This statement is wrong. For starters, companies who offer international relationship services are work in the same way as companies who offer those services locally. All they do is shift the scope of their search to be more open, which includes other countries. You will remember that a few years ago there was also prejudice surrounding using online dating sites in general. Currently, the idea of finding a companion on the internet is more popular than ever before, so why not find someone from another country?
Of course, by looking for someone from another country to date, it's an unfortunate fact that you will also find the sorts of people who should not be looking for an international relationship.
Countless good and honest individuals use online dating services as a resource to find their soul mates. Many online providers, who began by offering local dating services, also now offer a global dating service as people have noticed the advantages of using the referral sites to find a partner from another country.

I was told that online dating sites are a sort of scam!

Sadly, fraud does exist within the online dating market, as it does in almost all transactions nowadays. What is sometimes difficult to understand is that using an online relationship website has the same risks as making, for example, an acquisition in an online store. Just like shopping on the internet, you need to choose trusted sites to safely find someone online.

I don't think I'm good looking enough to sign up for a relationship site

There are a lot of people who, when they start to get interested in dating online, especially with someone from another country, notice faults in themselves. They make themselves think that they will not meet anyone because of superficial factors such as age or physical appearance. But what you might not realize is that this kind of thinking is both completely normal, and incorrect!
Most people look for online partners for much more complex reasons than simply physical appearance. If that's all someone is looking for, they could find someone beautiful in their own country, instead of using international dating sites.
But now let's talk about those who may already be communicating or talking with someone from another country. Are you currently dating or talking to someone from another country? This can be a fantastic and enriching experience, but it can also be very complicated.

How will we communicate?

Like all romantic relationships, a deep connection is crucial. However, this can be much more challenging in an intercultural relationship.
If the main language of your romantic interest is not the same as your native language, you may have some difficulties. Be aware of possible incompatibilities, especially as interactions develop further. Discussing your interests is one thing - describing your feelings is something entirely different and complex.
It may not only be the lack of appropriate terms that causes issues. Occasionally an expression or phrase may be used incorrectly and give the wrong impression. Try to be careful and thoroughly check that you're saying what you mean before sending anything.

But we are so different!

If you are planning to find a someone from another country to date, you need to be open to the different processes of dating online, and you should be prepared to face different situations. Are you a very direct person? Do you like to be the more assertive person in a relationship? Your prospective match may think you are moving too fast or that you are too bold. Conversely, do you have difficulty hearing criticism? Your partner may come from a culture where it's normal to be more direct and open.
As well as more obvious cultural contrasts, people from other societies even date and flirt in subtly different ways. You should be open-minded and pay attention to the details, otherwise you may become overwhelmed.
There are cultures where girls are beautiful, interesting and perhaps more sexually liberal than seems appropriate. However, this does not mean a woman will want to have sex with you on the first night. In many places, flirting is part of innocent interactions, without being linked to anything romantic. You should also be wary of the fact that, if some women insist on having sex with you right away, it could be an indicator that she is a prostitute or is trying to deceive you in some other way.
The best method to embarking upon a successful relationship is usually to create more communication and try to establish more future dates. If you push too hard, you might not get good results. You should also be interested in learning your partner's culture so that you can understand them better.
In some countries, you will have a huge advantage over locals if you are from another country. Some people don't want to date anyone from their own country. This type of person is often more open to learning about, and accepting, your culture.
In other countries, however, being a foreigner can be a negative thing. Some individuals often dislike the behaviour and culture of citizens from other countries. They may not be very tolerant while you are studying their language, especially when you are first learning to speak it. The critical point here is to distance yourself from the cliched image of a foreigner that relies on stereotypes. Also bear in mind that, because a flirting technique works in one country, does not mean it will yield a similar result in another. Pay attention to this.

But how are we going to get to know each other if we don't even speak the same language?

As in the beginning of any relationship, this should be done step by step. However, understanding the customs of your partner's culture can really help. The more levels you can interact with someone on, the more likely it is you will be accepted into their culture.
The foreign language barrier is the difficulty that could weigh heaviest on you as your relationship blossoms. English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, and it is often the easiest language to use to make yourself understood, even if you're not fluent. The problem is that most people have different levels of proficiency in English, from being fluent to not even knowing the basics.
Even though a language barrier can seem like a big problem, don't be discouraged! With the technological advances in online translation services, and free language apps, it can be easy to communicate with someone who speaks another language. Starting a relationship with someone who doesn't speak your language can be stressful, and you should be prepared for that, but it can also be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. As you chat, you will learn more of their language with each interaction, which will not only make communicating much easier, but will also be a great way to bond with your partner. If there is chemistry between you when you can't make yourself understood, the relationship is worth the effort.
The person you are trying to date will surely appreciate it if you try to learn their language, as well as their culture. This is likely to greatly increase your chances of winning their heart!

Being a trustworthy and kind person is good in any culture

There are countless selfish and unkind people in the world. This is a fact. However, the bulk of us are not like that. Most folks simply want someone they can trust, who is a good person.
In addition, many people have little regard for individuals who are unreliable, who do not know how to keep promises or who have bad habits, such as not being punctual. They will think twice before dating someone who does this kind of thing and who is not trustworthy.

Do not be afraid of thinking outside the box!

We can sometimes become stuck inside our little personal box of ideas, thoughts, and sensations. Within this tiny box is only what is essential to us. We can find ourselves detached from others and the wider world!
Searching for a person from another country will allow you to discover new traditions and to become familiar with the different ways people live their lives. You will discover different languages simply because the person you fell deeply in love with is not proficient in your native language. It is a challenge, but a very fun one!
You may think that if your relationship does not work out, you will have wasted a lot of time. But that is not true! Going through these experiences and learning new things is the key to personal growth. For example, the language you have learned can help you move to that country looking for a great job opportunity there. Or it can help open doors for you to great opportunities on your own country. The possibilities are plentiful!
No time is wasted if you've learned something new. The knowledge we acquire through our life makes us grow as human beings. Take this opportunity to grow, and become the best you can be!


  • Don't be ashamed to date someone from another country. This only indicates that you are an open-minded person who likes new challenges.
  • Fraud, and malicious individuals, exist everywhere. Be careful.
  • Don't let your self-consciousness keep you from signing up on a relationship site and meeting someone. You may be surprised.
  • Take into consideration that language can be a barrier in your relationship with someone from another country. Consider beginning to learn the language of the person you are interested in.
  • All people are different. Especially those from different countries. Try to see this as a learning opportunity and don't let it get in the way of your happiness.
  • Learning the language of your loved one can help you better understand their personality.
  • Show that you are a trustworthy and kind person. This is prized in any culture.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and embrace this adventure!


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