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How will uploading a video improve my profile?


Some relationship websites allow users to make a personal video for their profile, but how does this help? How do I go about making a good video?

Nothing is better to aid potential matches in understanding more about you than a video on your profile, except to meet in person of course. A well-produced video can promote your profile and make a big difference when it comes to finding that special someone.
Everyone knows the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. A video takes this sentiment even further. In the world of Web 2.0, people want information quickly, and in an easy to consume format.
A video is an ideal way to gain attention on dating sites, as it is a sure-fire method of presenting yourself to others in a way that is clear and enjoyable to watch.
The idea behind choosing a video format instead of photos is that a video doesn´t restrict what people see of your profile to just one image. Other users will hear your voice and see a much more dynamic version of you, which will help them feel more connected to you.
In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to make a great video for your profile, as well as some pitfalls you should avoid.

Talk about yourself

Your personal profile video provides an opportunity to tell your prospective partner about the things that are important to you, as well as your successes, your passions, what you have learned from your experiences, and the difficulties you have overcome. All of this can be done in a few short minutes, giving anyone who views your profile a real insight into your personality.
First impressions can make all the difference in your search for a new partner. A video is your chance to show your character and your good qualities to everyone who looks at your profile. Of course, it´s not possible for you to express everything about yourself in just a couple of minutes, but try your best. It´s a fantastic way to show more than you could with photos and short descriptive text alone, all before the initial contact is made.

Your voice matters

You can learn a lot about someone by listening to the inflections and tone of their voice. Bear in mind that not everything you say in your video will please everyone. Your tone of voice and manner of speaking could remind someone of previous relationship experiences, so it´s good to think carefully about the way you are speaking.
Being able to adjust your pitch for different scenarios is critical to successful communication. If you sound monotonous or annoying, you may lose or dismiss a suitor. If your tone is unenthusiastic, your potential match may think you´re bored. If, on the other hand, you sound excited and happy, this will help you to attract the right kind of attention.


Consider the importance of good lighting. Here are a few things you should be aware of:
  • If possible, use direct sunlight. Turn off any artificial lights, and position yourself close to a window so that the natural light shines on your face. You can keep some small bulbs lit in the background, but it´s better if they are not illuminating your face.
  • Use the ten o'clock or two o'clock rule
  • Imagine that your seat is the centre of a clock. If you picture your chosen window as being twelve o?clock, your nose, when facing the camera, should be directed towards either ten o'clock or two o´clock. The illumination of your face in this placement will enhance its shape.


Once you have found your lighting, you will need to set up your camera so that this illumination is captured when you look directly into it.
For most people, the highest quality camera they own is on the back of their cell phone. Stay away from notebook cameras or "selfie" cameras that let you watch the screen while you record, as these tend to be poor quality.
Turn your phone sideways so the image is in landscape. This means the width of the picture should be more than the height.
Adjust the camera so it sits at eye level. This is vital. Cameras placed anywhere other than at eye level can give a strange impression in the result of the video. Filmmakers often use eye-level camera shots because it allows their audience to see the subject of the video as they would expect to in real life. This will make your potential matches feel more connected to you.


Sound quality is more important than video quality.
One thing you can do to easily improve the quality of your audio is to use an external microphone. This helps to keep your voice clear, and will eliminate much of the ambient sound that makes home videos difficult to listen to. You can do this in two ways:
  • Use the headphones that came with your phone. Most of these headphones come with a built-in microphone that you can conceal with your shirt. Place the microphone about 10 cm below your collar.
  • Buy a lapel microphone. You can get one at an affordable price online, and it connects with your phone properly.

Don?t underestimate the importance of a script

A well-written script is the key to a successful video.
The script is the foundation on which everything else is built. Writing down what you want to say and analysing it before you start recording will help you have a more polished end-product when you record.
Ask for help and tips from your friends. They are the people who can help you come up with the best ideas on how to enhance your appearance and personality, and you can act out your script with them to make sure it flows well.

Have a good time!

It is important to create a video that resonates well with your audience.
Adding something a little different to your video in the form of humour, a surprise, or something kind of unusual, can help to highlight your lively and humorous outlook on life.
Here are some more tips on what to do, or what not do, when recording a video.

What to do

  • Record your video in a clean and organized area.
  • Record your video in a well-lit room.
  • Make sure you don´t have distracting background noises.
  • Dress appropriately, depending on the impression you want to give. Your clothes don´t have to be overly formal or provocative. Be as fun and quirky as you want!
  • Look directly into the camera;
  • Speak clearly. Keep your tone conversational, unless you want to emphasize something.

What not to do

  • Don?t record when there´s the possibility of interruptions.
  • Don?t record in a room with only dim background illumination, or in a room with no light at all.
  • Don´t look everywhere but the camera.
  • Don?t vary the volume of your voice too much.
  • Don´t upload your video without reviewing it.
When it comes to online dating, there is no one tool you can use which shows more than a video. One platform that has option of uploading videos onto your profile are the sites in the Amo network. Our site staff often contact users by Skype. When we do this, we will talk a little about you and ask you a few questions. If everything goes well, you can then ask that we send the conversation to your profile.
Members who have personal videos on a dating site have a great advantage over users who only have pictures. They receive significantly more attention and messages than those without videos. With a higher level of attention, the chances of finding a potential partner, getting in touch with them, and starting a relationship are greatly increased.
  • Talk about yourself;
  • Be careful with the tone and volume of your voice;
  • Use natural light wherever possible;
  • Framing is important to keep in mind;
  • A video with poor sound quality is worse than a video with bad picture quality;
  • You need a script, even if it is only to talk about yourself;
  • Have a good time! This experience should be fun for you!.


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