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I have forgotten my password. What can I do?


I cannot remember the password I entered when I signed up, and I think I may have mis-typed it. Now I cannot log in. What can I do to retrieve my password?

To retrieve a password, use the "Lost Password" function that you can find at the login page.
In the login dialogue, look for the link "Lost Password". Click on that and fill in your registered email address. Please ensure that the email address you enter is correct, and the same as the one you used when you signed up.
If the system tells you that your email address does not exist, one of the following issues may be the reason:
  • You did not enter the same email address as the one you used to sign up. It must be exact.
  • You did not complete the sign-up when you registered.
  • Your profile has been deleted - either by you or an administrator.
If you have checked the email address is correct, there is no other way to log in other than to sign up again with a new profile. It is important that you remember exactly what email address and password you enter when you sign up, or you won't be able to log in.
If the system tells you that the password reset has been sent, but you don't receive an email, one of the following issues may be the reason:
  • The email has entered your Spam folder instead of your Inbox. Have a look around and move it to your Inbox if this has happened. We can't stop this from happening, but you may be able to stop your email provider redirecting emails from us.
  • Are you sure that the email address you entered is the same email connected to your account? If not, the email with your password will never enter your Inbox. Be 100% certain that you have entered the correct email address for your email account when you sign up.
  • In some very rare cases, your email provider blocks our email server from sending messages to you. If you suspect this may have happened, try signing up with an email address from a different provider, like your work address or an alternative to Hotmail/Gmail.
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