a woman geovana
I am geovana, 20 years old.
I am a woman looking for a man.
I live in Espírito Santo, Brazil.
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I am friendly
“ I am a person who likes affection and attention, and I want a companion. ”
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“ I want one with over 25 years old, white and over 1.80 in height, that is single. ”
I am here to start a relationship.
My favorite way of spending time is using the internet.
My appearance is like this: Black - African, my skin color is olive, moderate brown, my height is 167 cm and my weight is between 65 and 69 kg. My hair is long and black. My eyes are dark brown.
I am single.
My thoughts about relocating or moving are that I am not sure about relocating.
I exercise often.
My zodiac is Gemini.
My education level is secondary school.
I understand and speak English, Portuguese.