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You have been talking to someone online and you are beginning to feel a deep connection. Can you overcome the fact that you live so far away from each other?
I want to take chances and meet new people, but how do I do this? How do I overcome my fear of meeting new people and start venturing into the online dating world?
I signed up for a dating site. How do I make myself stand out and meet interesting people in this ocean of possibilities?
You can't generalize and insist that all Brazilian women are the same. Brazilians are different with regards to class, academic and socioeconomic level, and ethnicity. Bearing this in mind, how does dating a Brazilian woman differ from dating women of other nationalities?
Many people miss out on the opportunity to have an incredible romance because of common myths that revolve around dating foreigners. But is it truly so difficult to date someone from another country?
You´ve signed up for a relationship site and set up your profile, but no one is coming to talk to you or answering your messages. What did you do wrong?
Meeting the person you´ve been talking to is one of the most important steps in online dating. This sounds exciting, but many people get nervous about this next step.
Starting a relationship online and then transitioning it into real life is not easy. This is especially relevant if you´re shy or nervous, as you might not know what to say to a potential match
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