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September 20, 2016

Dating Advices

Your Safety Line for Dating On the Net

It is easier to woo online. The truth is that even the best of us can get swayed in the heat of the moment. We see we have a match and glance at that astounding compatibility percentage, something in the back of our heads goes, “How on earth could he/she NOT be meant for me?” That dazed cloud of familiarity takes over and we don’t even wait and think that a person may not be anything more than their profile says. Here are some of the things that I have learned over time and they have served me and people I know well.

Don’t Be Too Comfy

I don’t care how many emails you have exchanged, do not be so hasty in adding them on Facebook and every other social media site. In fact, you should make a habit of checking the security setting on these every now and then. Cyber stalking is a real thing people, and not everyone does it to check on an old flame.
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If You Plan To Meet Up, Make It a Public Place

And that goes for the sweethearts who have been chatting online forever now. Meet your “soulmate” in a crowded place. A coffee shop is not so bad. Chances are that they would want the same. Make sure you drive their on your own, and you drive yourself home. Oh and stay sober, you can let your freak flag fly when you are sure you like LIKE this person.

On the Note of Meeting Them

Make sure at least one friend knows where you are headed. You might want to do this for the first couple of dates. You can even show them your date’s profile. I need to confess that I am big on this one – I have gone as far as giving my girls the guy’s cell phone number.
Like I said, totally not trying to scare you out of the dating game; it’s just some of the things that we overlook because they seem so trivial. But you owe it to yourself to know the other person before you trust them. All these tips came from the top of my head and what I have been advised on by friends. Let me know if I missed anything, or any strategy that you use, in the comments below.