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September 05, 2016

Dating Advices

Tips To Get Through a Date with Your Online Match

It is easy to talk to people online. You may be a master in the world of sending quirky and funny messages, but it’s an entirely different ball game once you meet that certain someone face to face. And this goes for those who have had a long virtual relationship and are meeting for the first time. Remember, it might feel a little different than when you are interacting through characters on a white screen. Read on for tips that no one tells you.

Show That You Are Listening

Nod, even if you don’t get it. Plus it is totally okay to smile and politely let them know that you didn’t get a point. It is all about being yourself, and this comes with it. Whatever you do, give the person on the other side of the table the attention you would want.
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Talk About Yourself

This is the prime purpose of a conversation. You must be able to talk about yourself, but don’t be too hasty about this one; hijacking a conversation is really a thing, and if the other person is not a mega listener, then this is bad form.

Bring Questions

Not on a piece of paper. Don’t be Katherine Heigl from The Ugly Truth. Be mentally prepared with creative stuff you want to talk about. Plus you have a head start; you talked to them so many times through online messages. By now you must have an idea of what they like and what they don’t.    

Do Show Up

This is probably the most important one. Do not get cold feet, panic, and make up an excuse that would have you postponing the date (please let’s not have ‘Netflix and chill instead of champagne showers’ be a thing). Pro tip: when I get stressed out or nervous about a date, I simply think about all the other problems in my life and the date seems harmless. Kind of masochistic I know, but it desperate times call for desperate measures.
I always believed that the classy way to go about a date always worked no matter what you picked as your date venue. You could be watching lobsters in a tank for your first date and still have a chance at making an impact. I need help – what would you suggest for a date that does not involve simply eating out? Let me know in the comments below.