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November 18, 2017

Dating Advices

Is this guy into me?

Develop your method of observation subtly, analyzing few or only one point per moment. This way you’ll have a comfortable learning curve and won’t lose the flow of the date, understanding him better.
Women are really difficult to understand. Many of them can have more than 50 ways of showing that they are interested in some man and this can be a real challenge for men. But while men may not show as many signs as women that say that they are interested, making sure of it can be a bit tricky, depending on the case. Well, all women have a feeling about this, they sense and feel without much difficulty when a man is flirting with them. This is because men are usually very invasive, direct and leave no doubt about what they want.
Yes, men are determined, but there are some of them that differ from the majority, because they are more subtle, romantic or mysterious, and these are the ones that attract the most attention and involve women. If you’re into one of these men and you want to know for sure if he’s flirting with you, there are some tips on how to understand men through body language that can help you.
The masculine body language is able to give strong indications that the guy is or isn’t into you. A simple look, the way he smiles, or the way he moves his hands are important signs to find out if he's receptive to the approach. And he doesn’t have to say a single word.
It’s very likely that the art of seduction is even more complex than that, but it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the small details, right?

Male body language for love

Studies prove that when we see a person for the first time, we quickly make judgments about their kindness, their dominance, and their potential as a sexual partner. It’s estimated that it actually takes less than four minutes to form 90% of our opinion on how compatible we are with each other.
And the eyes are not the first place we hold onto. In the book The Body Language of Love, by Allan and Barbara Pease, is portrayed a discovery made by a body language specialist. According to Dr. Albert Scheflen, when a heterosexual human being comes in contact with another of the opposite sex, some involuntary physiological changes happen.
Among the main ones is an increase in muscle tone, which is preparing for a possible sexual encounter. The stomach contracts, the body takes up an upright posture and takes on a more youthful appearance. However, there are differences between the male and the female approach.
The man, for example, projects the jaw forward and expands the chest to demonstrate superiority. The woman who is attracted tends to cuddle her breasts, tilt her head, touch her hair, and expose her wrists.
However, these are not the only manifestations that the body makes to indicate that it is more prone to approaching the opposite sex. Check out some signs that show that he might be in the mood for something more with you:
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Evaluating facial expressions

The first body language you should observe to learn how to understand men is that of the face. People can usually disguise their attitudes, posture, hand gestures (sometimes) very well, but facial expressions are crucial to grasp if the guy is into you. Evaluate if his head has any inclination when he looks at you. If his eyebrow subtly raised or more arched. Sometimes it may seem imperceptible, but it has already been proven that men when attracted to a woman raise their eyebrows involuntarily.
Also note the nose, this observation requires more experience and perception on the part of the woman, as it may seem too subtle, and if you’re not pay close attention, this detail may be missed. When a man feels attracted, he feels his nose hotter than normal and this leaves the expression on his face more open to increase the chances of becoming more attractive to you (you will understand).

Visual contact

The eyes are the windows of the soul, right? So nothing better than the eyes to tell what a person is feeling.
We can express different emotions and feelings, signal attention, hide something, seduce or "run away" simply by looking, often unconsciously.
Through muscular movements that surround the eyes, even visually impaired people can convey their emotions.
Before even the development of the speaking ability or even the facial muscles that aid in expressions, our ancestors and all creatures depended on their eyes for communication. They had to use the eyes, the area around them and other parts of the face to send different clues to members of their groups as efficiently and timely as they could. Through millions of years of development and adaptation (evolution), human eyes have become capable of doing so many things beyond just seeing things, for example, expressing respect or supremacy, signifying interest or aversion, lust or rivalry, seducing or derogating, and etc.
If we find someone (who belongs to the opposite sex) interesting or attractive, then we don’t hesitate to look. Often we look at this person over and over again. In addition, we want the person to know of our interest (regardless of their interest in us), drawing their attention to us in many different ways, for example by gesturing or touching our own body.
If both parties are mutually interested, then they begin to look at each other quickly and often in repetitions.
This is why the eyes play a crucial role during flirting and dating.
A person more "trained" in body language can pretend numerous facial expressions, but can’t change his look. There are two situations: when a man has just met a woman, he usually doesn’t feel comfortable giving a more incisive look, so he can look away when you catch him looking at you. That's a good sign, he is interested, but unsure of approaching.
Now, if you already have a certain experience and are more accustomed to the presence of each other, you will notice a stronger look and that lasts longer, can be long seconds or even minutes. Notice if while you talk he stares at you or stares around you, on your cell phone, on your watch. So if he’s looking at you it shows how interested he is or how polite he is.

Rest of the body

A body language derived from our ancestors and the dominant influence that a man exercises is to steady his chest. In addition to maintaining a more advanced posture, he’ll always be with his chest facing you if he’s interested. He may even be looking in another direction, but if he has his chest turned to you, that's a surefire sign. The same rule applies to the pelvis, if he’s facing in any direction, but with the pelvis facing you, this may indicate attraction.
The legs are also clues. Notice if his legs are further apart, this can show just how powerful he is, highlighting his masculinity as the alpha male that he is. And lastly, the hands. If he is slightly interested, he can place his hands on his waist, in the belts or pockets. This may be an unconscious way of drawing your attention to his body.


Another body language that can be easily observed and helps you learn how to understand men is touch. With women it happens in a similar way. When a person is interested, she tends to make any excuse or pretext for touching on her "target". This is completely involuntary. Depending on the degree of arousal, it becomes even more difficult to control that urge, and once it’s done, the person usually quickly repents.
This kind of touch is something that happens from childhood, when we have our first childlike love and we demonstrate this by touching or giving those "little punches" when the other person speaks some nonsense. Watch for these signs. The place where the person touches is also important. The parts that demonstrate flirting are: arms, legs, elbow, upper thigh or waist.

Movements with the hands

When the man is interested, and consequently more excited, usually he uses his hands more. For them, the gestures and postures are very important, because they shows maturity. If he’s very communicative he will talk gesticulating with his hands, as well as tinkering with his hair or tidying up his clothes to always be clean and attractive to you. This is also often the case with women.
He can also bring his hands to his face, usually mouth, chin and cheek. This is because when attracted to someone, the skin becomes more sensitive and he can feel restless and prone to rub these parts. If he licks his lips or drink something several times, it can also be a sign. If he runs his hands over his chest as a way to attract his gaze to his body, if he has a beautiful body, stay alert, for he’s certainly interested. Putting his palm up on a table can also show that he wants to connect.

The hug

If he makes sure of hugging you whenever he sees you, instead of the simple greeting with a kiss on your face and if those hugs of meeting and farewell are longer than normal, that is, if he wants to stay for extended seconds next to your body and you even notice some the hug a little more “tight”, like a tightening of the back or a slight caress of the fingers on your body while there is contact, this can mean a lot.
Here there are a few more quick tips for signs that he likes you:
  • He looks into your eyes
If a guy looks a lot at you and if, while talking to you, maintains and prolongs eye contact with you, then there is a greater chance of him being interested in you.
  • If a guy tends to show off when he's near you
Does he try to impress you? This too is a good answer when you ask yourself "does he like me?".
  • If a guy, the moment he sees you, straightens the column
Placing the chest forward and sucking the belly, this may mean that he unconsciously tries to impress you and wants to be more masculine, tall and more attractive.
  • If he "examines" your face with his eyes and you notice him looking at your lips
It's a sign that you no longer have to keep wondering "does he like me?".
  • If a guy starts showing interest in the things you like
For example, he begins to watch the shows you like or get to show interest in dancing, just because you said you liked it. He can do all these things just to have "something in common" with you for future conversations. So potentially you may already have an answer when you think "I need to know if he likes me!".
  • If a guy often starts chatting to you through messages
It could be a great sign of his interest! A guy who isn’t interested in you will never start taking your time talking to you for hours and especially won’t start frequent conversations with you. Then write down this: "positive indicator"!
It’s important to know the signs I have described above to get a sense of how the relationship will probably unfold. However, don’t get caught up in all these concepts while talking to your crush because it always depends on each person, and you may look static or robotic.
The most important thing is to focus on the communication and the connection that is being established. If you look a lot at the way he gestures, for example, and lose something he may be talking about, even if his body language gives positive clues, if he realizes your lack of attention, things can go down.