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December 28, 2016

Dating Advices

I want to meet new people, but I'm shy

Finally the day arrived! Tomorrow I'll take my plane to Europe and start my adventure! I want to meet lots of new people and places!
I have separated my trip and six parts (six itineraries) and I will keep you informed of everything I am doing. I'm going now at the end of December and every part (itinerary) of my trip will last a week, ie I'm going to be travelling for six weeks! I've been planning this backpack for years and it's finally come!
One new thing I'll introduce on this trip is to use this dating site to find people in the area that I'm going to be spending time in. Let's meet, people! So to let you know where I’ll be, My first itinerary will be: Classical Europe: London, Paris and Rome. I will spend my first week in hostels in these three super classic destinations. If      I’m in your town, send me messages for us to meet.
But I wanted to use this post to talk about meeting new people. Traveling is great. Backpacking, even better! It's a great opportunity to meet new places and, best of all, meet new people. But what if I'm a shy person? Can’t I venture out? Of course you can! Thinking about it, I decided to list some things that I learned in my adventures and that you can use to break the ice when meeting someone new!

Get rid of prejudices

You're not a prejudiced person, right? Well, then don’t be it in every way. Be very careful not to judge anyone by the clothes they are wearing, their hair color, their accessories and, specially, their sexuality. Be ready to start the conversation knowing that the person in front of you is a box of surprises and that she also is disregarding first impression prejudices about yourself.
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Seek common ground

Ask about simple things to know a little about the person's personality, being careful not to look like a police questioning. No need to load people with questions. Plant the seed looking for similarities between your question and something that is around you.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not

For example, if the person is talking about the best barbecue he has ever eaten and you are a vegetarian, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You don’t have to put yourself above anyone else, let alone make dualistic comparisons between right and wrong. Each person has a point of view and you can put yours in the conversation, even it being contrary to that of the person. Just be polite and understand that everyone thinks in different ways.

Talk about ideas

Of course everyone talks about gossip or things like that, but by meeting a new person you can replace those subjects with ideas, and create a much better image about yourself. But remember: it’s not to start talking about your whole life plan and your goals and objectives to get there, because these things we reserve only to the most intimate, right? But you can talk about some simpler ideas. It shows a lot about who you are.

Know how to listen carefully

Many times we talk a lot and forget to listen. Stopping to listen carefully is super important in the communication process, okay? But it's not just to listen too. The secret is to show interest, with a posture that shows that you’re listening for real. When the person pauses, then you give your opinion and speak what you have to say about it.
When we already know someone for some time, everything flows easier, right? You already know the habits and the way of thinking of the person and, at the smallest of glances, you have already said everything to each other. With someone new the things are certainly more difficult, but following these tips for sure things will get much better. But none of this is a rule, okay? The tips can help you better know what to do in the situation. Did you like the post? Tell me in the comments!