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a woman Kiwiman
a woman Kiwiman
a woman Kiwiman
a woman Kiwiman
I am Kiwiman, 49 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
About me:
Kiwi man
“ Nice relaxed honest man. I have adult children looking for english speaking brazilian lady. I am open to travel, love art, comedy shows, concerts, i love all cuisine. I have adult children and a grandson. I love playing sport and going to gym. Ienjoy massage and relaxation. ”
About my preferred dating partner:
“ Slim sexy motivated happy woman ”
I prefer that you are25 - 45 years old.
I am here to try online dating, start a friendship, start a relationship, look for a possible partner for marriage, have fun and look for whatever.
My appearance is: Caucasian (white), my skin color is white to light brown. My body type is athletic, my height is 180 cm and my weight is between 100 and 104 kg. My hair is very short and light brown. My eyes are brown.
My zodiac is Capricorn.
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