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How to find a suitable match on the best dating websites
The best dating sites use advanced algorithms to pair people. To date on internet is a fantastic alternative to the traditional style. You no longer need to go to bars, clubs and other typical places where people go out. A relationship started on the net can grow, and a friend can become a life partner. To find a perfect match on internet is different than the old-fashion way. Here you should expose a part of yourself to success. That means upload photos and write an interesting text about yourself.
Join the online chat!
Joining is quick, but it may require time and effort to succeed and find a good mate. How to succeed? Upload a nice portrait as profile photo (avatar). Smile! Then write an informative text and some words about the person you look for. After signup, upload additional photos to your album.

Dating Chat

Connect with messaging in one-to-one conversations
The build in chat system lets you send text messages to other members. The dialogue is one-to-one, so nobody else than the receiver can see what you write. When you are online, you see the new message instantly. It works equally for the receiver. If you are not online, we send an email telling about new messages.
The private chat protects your privacy
Are you tempted to exchange email, phone number or WhatsApp in the first message to your dates? Be wise. You don´t have to exchange telephone numbers with people who may not be the types you want. Take it easy in the start and write at least a couple of long messages before you exchange your number. Find the tone before you go the next step further.

Mobile Friendly

Use tablet, cell phone or a computer
You can use this website on your desktop computer as on your tablet or cell phone. It works similar on all platforms.
Most singles date on smartphones
Where are there most singles to meet? In bars? In clubs? No. If you say, "I need a girlfriend", there is no other place with more possible singles as inside your smart phone! Because that is today´s major social device. For everybody who look for a relationship it is perfect to cell phones. Because more people will be available. And more who fit your desires. When you contact another member, you will like a reply soon. Our platform supports instant messaging from smart phones. So, we may say that these devices are a blessing for mating on the net. To find your new mate using internet has never been easier, thanks to the cell phone.


How to make online relationships work
There are probably millions of tips of how to succeed, and probably more histories of how to fail. What can we say. People are different, so what works for one may not work for another. But in general - online relationships are like other relationships. If you put time, effort and your will into it, you may succeed. If not, you probably fail. It´s as simple as that.
Listen to the success stories
Some of our blogs deal with the challenge of having a long-distance relationship. The writers give tips about how to make it work in the start, and how to develop the relationship into something more lasting. And deeper. Most humans are not designed to be far apart. We look for close and physical relationships. Words are not enough. We need kisses, hugs and sex as well. Our bloggers show you how to succeed in that.

Photo Albums

A good and honest profile is the key to your success
What do you first look at when viewing other member profiles? Seriously! Of course - the photos! We cannot say enough times how important a good profile image and a photo album is. That alone is the major key to your success. Period! You must dare to show your complete face in a portrait, smiling. Make sharp and bright pictures. That´s how you want to see the other people there, right?
Why does not everybody make great profiles?
Probably because some tend to forget that this is a one-to-another relationship process, where you need to give before you can require anything in return. We see photos of cats and dogs as profile photos (avatars), descriptions like "Hi I´m Andy" and initial messages as "Hello". - Who will bother to contact them, or reply their messages? Be serious if you look for a serious relationship. If you do not spend time to create your profile, and write nice messages, fewer people will reply you.
The look does not mean all, but trying to look your best is always an advantage when you meet online


Watch the tutorial videos with explanations
The tutorial videos explain different parts of the dating services, from signup, upload photo, how to search members, write and reply messages and much more. You will also learn that it is possible to use these dating sites for free. A proper online dating service as well as the top free online dating sites use videos to explain how to use their services. Contact us if you are missing something.
Shoot a member video - make the big boost
If you upload a video of yourself, where you present yourself, we guarantee that your profile will get maximum attention. And that means that more potential partners will notice you, and your chance of success will be optimal. You may upload an ordinary video shot from your smart phone. Say hello to the people, tell your name, where you are from and who you search for. If you use to think "I want a girlfriend" or "I want a boyfriend", this is what will make you succeed.
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